Saturday, July 21, 2012

Margate Park Playlot To Honor Uptown Volunteer

Long-time Uptown resident and indefatigable community volunteer Bill Hersh will be remembered when the Margate Park Playlot is renamed in his honor sometime near the end of August or early in September.  Mr. Hersh, who passed away in January 2011, was a member of the Margate Park Advisory Council for 25 years, as well as a volunteer on the boards of the Uptown Chicago Commission, Scrap Mettle Soul, Pegasus Players, Junior Achievement, and many other local organizations.  His obituary tells of how he helped elderly and financially underprivileged neighbors navigate their tax returns and how he volunteered his time for various Uptown organizations full-time after his retirement.

We are delighted to hear of this honor, which was supported by the many organizations Mr. Hersh volunteered for, and coordinated by Joseph Trendl, the President of Margate Park Advisory Council.

You can take a look at the whimsically re-designed layout of the Playlot at Landscape Online.

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