Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Dry Cleaners' Last Day

Photo from Google Streetview
A couple of readers have informed us that N & H Cleaners, located at 4101 N Broadway, across the street from Michael's, is going out of business after today.  The owners are retiring.

If you have clothes there, best to try to make it there today!  A reader tells us there are plenty of garments remaining in the store.  If you need to contact them about your belongings, the phone number is (773) 975-2031.

UU Note:  Over a year ago, there was a community meeting held by Ald. Cappleman about a Mexican restaurant proposed for this site, to be owned by the same owners as Michael's, across the street.  We wonder if that's still on the drawing board?

Update (Sunday afternoon):  A reader posted on Facebook:  "I just spoke with the owner. For those who will not be able to pick up their clothes today, they will be open again next Sunday from 2-5. After that, the plan is to have another nearby dry cleaners store the clothes that have yet to be picked up."


  1. Is the Mexican restaurant still opening? Haven't heard anything since the initial proposal.

  2. I'll second something posted earlier: If you're looking for an alternative I'm a fan of Princess cleaners at Gordon Ter and Broadway. The owners are very nice and their prices are very competitive. Plus they have a parking lot so there's a plus too

  3. I also like Pensacola Cleaners in Pensacola Place. Not a single issue and the women who works the counter is ultra-friendly and remembers your clothes even if you forgot your claim check!

  4. Good, dry cleaners are one of the largest contaminators of groundwater

  5. According to the sign in the window final pickup is today from 2-5pm

  6. Lots of vagrants hang around outside that Cash4Gold store. It used to be C4 Drug Treatment & had the same types hanging out.