Monday, July 2, 2012

Gang Member Shot In Clarendon Park

Alderman Cappleman just tweeted at 1am:  "Shooting at Windsor/Clarendon an hour ago with a gang member wounded in arm. More details to follow later today. Police on scene."

Looks like the shot-up car at Hazel and Sunnyside yesterday evening was the start of something. So mindless.

Continue to call 911 if you hear anything. Let's hope this skirmish can be stopped before it gets any more serious.


  1. Anyone remember during the '90s CHA Midnight basketball? It lowered the crime rate during those hours. Maybe the city can bring it back & let these gentlemen shoot baskets instead of guns?

  2. Where do these people live? They must live in apartment buildings, maybe with their mama or baby mama? Find out if it's Section 8 and evict them.