Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Tenant For The UBB's Lower Level?

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Verrrrrry interesting!  Not so much this letter, which was mailed to neighbors about a zoning variance for parking.  But -- reading the fine print -- looks like a new business, owned by UBBAR, LLC, is planning to open at 4713 North Broadway, which is one of the addresses of the Uptown Broadway Building.

We've heard that Children's Memorial is opening offices in the remaining ground floor office space, so we're wondering if UBBAR ("Uptown Broadway Building Bar"?), described in the letter as a "banquet hall/special events facility," is going to be taking the large (7200sf) lower level space, which stretches beneath the sidewalk on Broadway?

Time will tell.  The parking spaces are, as far as we can tell, just going to be reserved spots in the parking lot that already exists in the parking lot just east of Bridgeview Bank and just north of the Uptown Broadway Building.

To see what the lower level looks like, take a look at the video here.  We're very intrigued to see what pans out.


  1. AT Properties T. Wong is a member of the Corp.

  2. Thaddeus Wong of @Properties actually owns the UBB property.