Monday, June 25, 2012

Sally Fourth!

No official City fireworks this year, and a truncated Taste of Chicago (although Taste will have Uptown representation by Iyanze, and Inspiration Kitchens (on July 12th only)).

So we are fortunate indeed to have the nearby presence of the Saddle and Cycle Club, whose fireworks are visible for all of us in the Margate Park area.  This year the fireworks will begin at dusk on Wednesday, July 4th.  Hint: Now is the time to make friends with people who live around Foster and Marine.  Thank you, Saddle & Cycle Club!

Update:  A reader informs us that Navy Pier will have fireworks on July 4th, not July 3rd, starting at 9pm.


  1. Has it been confirmed that the Saddle and Cycle Club fireworks are on the 4th? I know they have been on the 3rd a couple of times. I also know that it is hard to get information about it unless you are a member, so is this information confirmed?? Thanks!

  2. That's what the lady who answered the phone told me when I called earlier this week.