Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keep Your Cell Phones Handy

We've heard about two different incidents today -- one involving a crowd gathered at Sheridan and Lakeside, and another report of shots fired in the area of Broncho Billy Park.  At last night's CAPS meeting, the police reported that the local choirboys in gangs are actively trying to take over one another's territory, and of course the last day of school is Friday, so it's a last chance to settle any animosities that may have developed during the school year.

We've had a quiet year so far, and while it's nice to think that it can last all summer, there are sure to be  some disturbances.  Since today and tomorrow may be a volatile time, take precautions if you see anything that looks to be trouble, and call 911 if you see any suspicious activity or if you see trouble starting to happen.


  1. Perfect timing with Chicago's Pizza Fest this weekend.

  2. What happened to the Rico law that was just passed and suppose to be used by the CPD. I still see gangs hanging around in groups all day on our streets and as far as I can tell none of them are being rounded up under Rico.

  3. Wiseguy, did you really think the streets would be clear? The ACLU protects the criminals like a Mama Bear protects it's cubs.