Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some News About Rokito's

We were so sad to see this sign at Rokito's! We wrote to the owner to express our disappointment and his reply is below.   Sounds like Rokito's may be staying in Uptown after all, and the streetside location will be getting something new.  Whatever happens, we wish them the very best.
"There were many factors in our move. Biggest reason is we have an opportunity to grow on our success from Rokito's. We always had plans to expand from a small funky Taco stand to a full blown restaurant with recognized brand. We are trying to keep Uptown our home, but there are possibilities to move by Loyola or DePaul campus.

The Cta renovation did not play much of a factor - we were looking forward to feeding all the construction workers that are coming. We do lease from CTA @ our Wilson location and we will continue our relationship to open other location on or next to train entrances.

The change of concept on Wilson will be conducive with the volume of walk by traffic, but that will remain a secret til opening - Sorry.

I will keep you updated with progress and look forward to seeing all of our loyal customers in our next location (in Uptown).

Thank you,
Rocky - Rokito"

So, our take is that Rokito's tacos are moving from a streetside stand to a full restaurant with the same food.  The streetside stand location on Wilson will be a new concept that's currently under wraps.  Win/win!


  1. That was fast and it's hard to get a good read on what's going on...If the current location is being made over and the Mexican place moves somewhere else in Uptown...great. If it's just another failed business that leaves for greener pastures...not so great.

  2. Understandable that any retail/food biz would want to re-lo closer to more affluent student markets (DPU & LUC vs. Truman).

    Does anyone know whether Rokito's received any city incentives/TIF $$$ last year though? Just curious.

  3. and what about their groupons?

  4. "If you're ever having trouble redeeming your Groupon, we're here to help. If a business closes permanently, we will always honor returns for unredeemed Groupons. Contact us."

  5. the fact that they did a groupon is pretty good sign they weren't doing very well

  6. If there's something negative that can remotely be associated with a post, Eeyore will find it.

    Groupons are generally offered to bring in new patrons. Right now there are Groupons for the Royal George Theatre, the Field Museum, and FTD.

    If Rokito's is looking to expand to a full-service restaurant from a street taco stand, maybe you can infer from that that business was horrible! awful! the sky is falling!

    What most people would infer is that things are going well. YMMV. Be sure to put on the smoke-colored glasses.

  7. Well, it sounds like they are doing a bit too well for their current location! Congrats...though I truly loved the decor and concept where it is now. I can't imagine they would be going under as every time I've been in during the week, they've had a steady flow of traffic coming in.

    I only hope 1) they're staying in Uptown, 2) there is minimal closure between the old and new locations, and 3) the concept is the same (the wait isn't bad, no need for waiters, byob etc).

  8. come up to Loyola!!!!
    Or better yet to Rogers Park.
    It would be perfect if they could move to Morse, who knows...
    But I suppose that EL stop is getting a pretty big makeover so probably a reason they are moving

  9. They are moving because the CTA will be demolishing that building in the next few months in the first stage of the Wilson rebuild.

  10. I'm pretty sure Buena Park is still in the Uptown neighborhood and there's plenty of space for them here. Maybe under the L stop at Sheridan? I guess techinically that's Lakeview but close enough. Or...the old KFC? HMMM. Stopped by Rokitos the other day and had one of those sorta Torta's and it was awesome. Glad to hear they're growing and hopefully they stay close enough so that I can continue to enjoy it.

  11. your food rocks and where ever you all decide to go I will follow. I love the current concept and one worth following.
    peace and love, el tank, ext 4357