Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More On Maryville

A reader-submitted photo
from last June's Maryville Public Meeting
A reminder that tonight is the public discussion / planning charrettes on what the community would like to see at the Maryville site.  There's no plan on the table; this is to get the residents' input on what we would like to see, and not see, a developer put at that location.  Tonight, 7pm, at the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse, 4501 N Clarendon.

On another note, Ald. Cappleman's latest newsletter says:

"On April 30th, Alderman Cappleman sent a letter to the Maryville owner's attorneys regarding the dangerous and hazardous conditions that persist at the property.  A copy of that letter can be found here.  The Alderman will continue to push for proper maintenance and upkeep of this property while it remains vacant." 

We like the letter, complete with photos of the blight, reminding the attorneys -- and the Sisters -- that it is the owner's responsibility to monitor and keep up the property, not that of the alderman and/or the surrounding residents.


  1. I am glad Ald. Cappleman has addressed the concerns of the residents who live around this property. It has become a magnet for homeless in the rear dock areas and other unsafe conditions that the maryville owners seem to care less about. They be better to take it down until a decision can be made on future developement.