Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pizza Fest Coming To Uptown In June

A reader writes:

"First, the waterfront music festival pops up without notice. Now, while looking to see if bands have been announced for Uptown Ribfest (Windy City), I noticed this:

Chicago Pizza Fest
Date: June 16-17
Time: Saturday & Sunday: Noon to 10pm Daily
Location:Wilson & Broadway | Chicago

No other city in America can lay claim to three of the most popular types of pizza: deep dish, stuffed, and neopolitan. Pizza Fest Chicago has one major focus: pizza, pizza ... and more pizza! In addition to pizza vendors galore, other weekend highlights will include a great live music stage lineup. There will also be a "Chicago's best pizza" contest where Chicago's best pizzerias will be invited to submit their entries for the city's best Deep Dish, Gourmet, and Neopolitan -- all to be judged by panels of pizza enthusiasts, Chicago celebrities, and native Chicagoans. Entertainment Schedule Coming Soon!"

Uptown Business Partners just put this out in their newsletter, and say (in addition to the above):

"SEM [Special Events Management] has extended the deadline to be an exhibitor at Pizza Fest Chicago, but time is running out! Click here to get started today.  Contact Business Partners - The Chamber for Uptown at: 773.878.2284, or click here to email us for more information on Pizza Fest in Uptown."


  1. Whaaaaat??!! I can't wait!!! A great, unique festival addition! Seems a bit late to the party, but I'll take it and hope it becomes a summer staple!

  2. I want pizza, p i z z a.

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't there been at least 2 seperate shootings at this interseciton in the last 6 months? Just sayin...

    Amen for Pizza and I hope this becomes a safe and pleasant event for all! Let's hope it's organized a little better than ribfest was last year.

  4. awesome. simply awesome, bring it!!

  5. Hope Michael's participates... and wins!