Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kids & Kites Festival Next Saturday

The Kids & Kites Festival usually takes place the same weekend as Bark in the Park, but this year it's a little different:

"As part of the public activities to mark the NATO Chicago Summit, NATO is partnering with the City of Chicago to present the 14th Annual Kids & Kites Festival on Saturday, May 19 at Cricket Hill in Lincoln Park.

NATO is providing 5,000 kite kits for children as well as pictures of flags and fun facts about representative countries to help inspire children as they decorate their kites.

In addition, the festival will also feature a workshop on the history and tradition of Afghan fighter kites.

Chicago Kite, a Chicago-based retailer that specializes in kites, will sell kites, give tips and advice on how to fly kites and its professional flyers will demonstrate their skills with oversized and amusingly shaped kites.

Also, the Big Kite Candy Drop will take place during the afternoon, weather permitting.

Other activities include the following:
  • Painting a kite-shaped refrigerator magnet
  • Face-painters
  • Balloon artists
  • Brookfield Zoo will be on site with fun games and prizes related to the zoo’s new Xtreme Bugs exhibit.
  • Whole Foods will be distributing healthy snacks.
  • Jelly Belly will provide small sample packs of their products.
  • Recorded music will be provided by WLIT.

Kids & Kites festival will run from 10 am to 4 pm on Cricket Hill, near the intersection of Lake Shore Drive and Montrose Ave."


  1. Kites for kids here? What do they give the kids overseas after they bomb their villages? NATO is not effective. NATO officials are appointed, not voted in, then use tax payer dollars to wage wars that profit big business, not average Americans. There are many reasons to oppose NATO, but being the undemocratic waste of money it is, it isn't hard to pick one.

  2. Phil,

    it must be comforting to you to have a room temperature IQ and a world view somewhere out of 1968 Haight Ashbury.

    NATO is not effective? Why not ask Colonel Gaddafi how he feels about that statement. Oh, you can't because he's rotting in hell with Hitler and the guy who created aluminum siding.

    Now I will admit NATO sponsoring a kite festival is a bit Orwellian, but then again Orwell recognized the threat that authoritarian and totalitarian regimes posed to humanity.

    NATO was absolutely necessary to keep the Soviets from turning Western Europe into the totalitarian paradise Eastern Europe was up until the Berlin Wall came down.

    Do you remember the Berlin Wall? I do. Oh, I'm sorry, you probably call it the "Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart" which is roughly what the Commie Krauts called it.

    Now one could argue that NATO has outlived its usefulness. One could argue that the very success of NATO in protecting Western Europe from the enlightened communist regime to the east and the end of that regime has made NATO irrelevant.

    One could argue all that. I would argue differently. As would many Bosnians and Kosovans who live in relative freedom today because of NATO actions in the 90's.

    As for NATO relevance today it's interesting how many countries want to join NATO. It's also interesting how NATO is leading the fight against Somali pirates off the eastern African coast.

    Sure, some people think all pirates are cool like me, Johnny Depp, Yellowbeard, or Robert Newton. The reality is some pirates need to be sent to Davy Jones locker and that's why we have NATO and Navy SEALS.

    In any case Phil I hope your recruitment efforts among our JPUSA betters have been successful and that many of them join you for the upcoming NATO protests. After all the mere sight of the hirsute JPUSA Army may cause the NATO delegates to flee in fear. If the sight doesn't cause them to flee their general lack of basic hygiene likely will.

    I leave you with Tom Lehrer's Folk Song Army.

  3. IrishPirate, as much as the long-winded responses make you appear informed & witty, I'd love to have a real debate with you, off the interwebs. Would you be so kind to discuss NATO in person in Uptown?

  4. Phil,


    You can see me at the kite flying though. I'll likely be taking my five year old nephew and maybe his older sister. Look for a redheaded kid with an enormous head, his older blonde sister, and a Viking looking dude with long flowing blonde hair.

    Listening to people from the left or right who think they have all the answers raises my blood pressure. Those of us who do have all the answers don't like having our worldview challenged.


  5. NATO to protestors: Go fly a kite!

    It's gutsy.

  6. So just a heads up: There are NATO protesters heading to Cricket Hill per the Chicago Police scanner

    That's the specific feed for our district. Be safe all