Thursday, May 3, 2012

Green Sign Makes For A Blue Ocean

Sad to say, one of our favorite places was sporting the dreaded "No Trespassing" eviction sign and a notice from the landlord that the locks had been changed.

We hope it all gets worked out quickly and equitably between all the parties involved.

If you have a Groupon for this restaurant and don't want to wait to see if it all gets settled, we urge you to contact Groupon's customer service office about a possible refund.


  1. Yikes! I hope they come back. They were a great addition to the neighborhood and from what I saw on a given night they were doing alright. I wonder if all of the Groupons are affecting their bottom line to the point of failure. I hope not

  2. I was in there on a Saturday night about a month ago, and it was nearly empty. I just hope they paid thier employees.

  3. Ouch, see the linked court cases against them by their landlord and Ecolab. 2012-M1-700533 and 2011-M1-163482

  4. I contacted Groupon about Blue Ocean and this was their response:

    "Sorry for the delay. We have been in touch with this merchant and they should be reopening in a week. So, you can hold on to your Groupon to use in the future."

    Hopefully, they will be open soon.

  5. @ E.W. thank you for the info. I noticed there were still reservations available on Open Table so hopefully people didn't book and get a bad surprise upon arriving.

  6. Update: Groupon contacted me stating that the business is "temporarily closed" and offered to either honor the Groupon at their two other sister restaurants (which are nowhere near here) or to refund the amount in full.

    I hope it reopens soon (if it hasn't already)