Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Package Thefts From Buildings -- Be Aware

Once again, a reminder of what can happen if you buzz people you don't know into your building.  A reader says:
"I'm writing to let you know that someone has been getting into condo buildings near Buena & Kenmore and stealing packages from the entryways of the buildings.

Two African-American men were spotted today carrying a box that clearly didn't belong to them down the street before dumping it in the garbage in the alley.  They were also clearly looking into other buildings to see if they had packages. On Monday, they took a 4-5 boxes from one condo building.

Most of the packages are going missing around 4-5pm.

Please ensure condo residents make people prove their identity or check for a UPS/Fedex truck out front before buzzing anyone in.  It is most likely they are claiming to be delivery men. Please report any suspicious behavior to the police."


  1. I wish UPS, FEDEX and USPS would stop leaving packages in lobbies and outside doors. Even with a sign on my mailbox that says please do not leave packages on lobby floor they continue to do it. I'd rather head to the post office or UPS pickup, to pick up a package than to have no package to pickup. I've had about 6 packages stolen in the past several years.

  2. I call and complain when they do.Have shipper ask for someone to sign for them.