Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Batter Up! Spend Opening Day At Crew


  1. I am sorry, but that image is pretty pornographic. I am straight and go to crew for the good food, etc. but really?

  2. Media Critic,

    you're straight? When you were Jason,Grandpappy, Captain Picard 2012 etc you claimed to be gay.

    Hell in this old thread you were both grandpappy and Picard in one thread.

    Now I don't particularly care if you're gay or straight; although, I assume gay men would prefer you be straight and straight women would prefer you be gay.


    Notice how both those screen names now link back to your current profile. Now that you've been outed you can come out with another screen name which will amuse yourself.

    I'm sorry, but your writing style, consistent whining and inane internet conversational skills consistently gives you away. It helps that I have a virtually photographic memory regarding writing styles.

    I suspect that if UU had put up a photo of the outside of Crew you would have complained that they should have put up the vaguely Michelangelo's David meets Da Cub photo.

    Dat's da fact, Jack.

    Speaking of Da Cubs I see where soon to be former Mayor Emmanuel wants to give them some public money to redo the stadium.


  3. What's pornographic about a shirtless guy? Give me a break.

    Even straight guys would love to have a chest like that.

  4. This particular shirtless guy is also sans pants, but still appears to be adjusting things as ballplayers do.

    IP, who am I again? I forget,

  5. America...where a guy without a shirt is pornographic.

    It's at worst a tired cliche and cheesy.

  6. IP, I change my ID whenever I please at my whim. That doesn't make you a super sleuth.

  7. Its not that he is without a shirt! LOL. Oh well.

  8. When I saw the post yesterday I knew someone would complain. Oh well, not going to change the ignorance of many on a blog post. That is just the society we live in.

  9. Jason,

    I received my super sleuth badge and decoder ring out of a Cracker Jack box in 1962. That's 50 years of sleuthing and keeping the world safe for freedom and quija boards.

    As for happiness it's overrated. Was Michelangelo happy? Hell no. Nothing of consequence has ever been created by a happy person.

    Happiness is nothing more than mere moments out of a mundane existence. You eat the cookie, you're happy. You take the ten year old to see the "Blues Brothers" on the big screen. Later, he utilizes profanity from the movie in front of his grandmother, you're happy.

    That's it. Moments of happiness in an otherwise bleak and mundane existence. Woe is me! The end is nigh!

  10. People are offended at a photo of a beautiful male body?

    Might it inspire somebody to go for a run or workout?

    How terrible.

  11. I can't believe the tavern is opening at 10AM. Does their liquor license allow them to serve that early?

  12. I can't believe the tavern is opening at 10AM. Does their liquor license allow them to serve that early?

    What era are you living in? Prohibition. Yes they can open at 10 and earlier.

    Opening/closing hours are up to the decision of counties or towns.

    In IL they can serve as early as 6AM.

  13. A, it depends on their Liquor License. I have a good friend on the Liquor Commission & she enforces these laws. Many sports bars want to start serving at 10AM for Sunday Bears games. Can't happen.

  14. Jtizzle, and everybody else.

    I was not complaining. Seriously, I was not. I was laughing I thought it was hilarious. I wasn't trying to make a political point. It was actually quite fascinating and well done.

    It is really an interesting piece of art. You can't tell me that the artist innocently let that left hand disappear into .....

    It is a very sexual drawing, very subtle.