Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Opulent Decay"

This gorgeous photo of the Uptown Theater is called "Downstaging Uptown" and was taken by Eric Holubow as part of his photo exhibit at the Cultural Center entitled In Decay — Stitching America's Ruins. The Reader just came out with an article about the exhibit, which reads in part:
My grandmother grew up in Uptown and used to spend her Saturday afternoons going to the Uptown Theatre, where she’d spend ten cents on a vaudeville show and talkie picture. When she stood in front of Holubow’s photograph Downstaging Uptown, she said, “Oohhh, the lobby was so beautiful! It was like a palace with gorgeous frescoes and marble floors. Mies van der Rohe said ‘less is more.’ But in these kinds of theaters, more is more.”
The photo exhibit runs at the Cultural Center, daily including weekends, 78 E Washington, through July 7th, and it's free.  The Reader article is here.

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