Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Montrose Harbor Boat Rescue

If you heard helicopters earlier this afternoon, this is why (and those two guys are darn lucky there was a helicopter in the area):

Two boaters were rescued after their boat capsized in Lake Michigan near Montrose Harbor Wednesday afternoon. The Chicago Police Department Marine Unit pulled the men out of the lake around 2:50 p.m. 

It is not clear how long the men were in the water, but they are expected to be OK. Both men were hanging onto their small sailboat about a quarter mile off of a fishing hub at Montrose Harbor when they were pulled out of the water. According to police, the boat did not have any communications devices and neither of the men had life jackets. The sole 911 call came from a news helicopter that saw the boat overturn and alerted authorities. 

Read the rest of the story and see photos at ABC7's website.


  1. This is the same guy that was rescued by his wife at the same place exactly a year ago. He should give up boating. Obviously he is not smart enough.

  2. WHAAAATTTT??? Those guys were not real sailors.

    A) Wear life jackets!

    B) Bring a radio!

    C) RIGHT THE FREAKING BOAT AND SAIL ON. There was nothing wrong with the boat, I saw the police tow it in.

    I've been sailing for 28 years and I would never be out there on that boat without a jacket. It was blowing 30 knots. Glad they are ok but my they are stupid...

  3. No communication device, no life jackets, no common sense, no brains.

    I hope they get fined for every infraction.

  4. GT is right!!! I thought I recognized the boat. What a douche.

  5. Let me set the record straight about a few things here.

    First Peter and Mary have been sailing for more years than most of you can count. When you sail as much as they they do sailing accidents happen...statistically speaking.

    Their boat, Peter Pan is a 19 foot keelboat. While the boat is somewhat small, lifejackets are suggested, not required. Personally, I never head out in my boat (or a boat of that size) without one, but it's a judgement call. The same goes with a VHF radio.

    Because the boat is so large (relatively speaking) it's not a matter of just righting the boat. The boat got swampped and wasn't able to self right. This is somewhat similar to how the boat Wingnuts capsized in the Mackinac Race.

    In closing, Peter is a very experienced sailor that has been at it for many years. Take the sensationalized news at face value. This is nothing but a accident.

  6. Nothing but an accident.

    That's what I told my second wife when she caught me in bed with her nineteen year old niece...."honey, I'm a very experienced slut. When you're as slutty as I am accidents happen. Look I have a condom here."

    Yeah, she didn't buy it either.

    There were small boat warnings on the lake and whether it's required or not the only people who go out on the lake without life jackets are MORONS. Should I spel that for u? M O R E O N Z.

    The boating Gods are trying to tell Peter something. That something is stop being a MORON. I hope he listens.

  7. 4376c9a4-412d-11e0-a050-000bcdca4d7a, you're missing the point entirely.

    No one believes they tipped over on purpose. What everyone is saying is that they jeopardized the safety of emergency services, caused potential risk of others who might have needed emergency services that were deployed to haul these guys out of the water, and put a burden on the tax payer... twice in the last year.

    Accidents DO happen, absolutely. But less than 12 months after their LAST accident, these guys don't seem to have learned a thing.

    The fact that vests are not required on a boat the size of theirs is entirely irrelevant.

    For god's sake, use your brain and take some responsibility for yourself.

  8. 4376c9a4-412d-11e0-a050-000bcdca4d7a, the lines you're feeding are the famous last words of many drowned "sailors". And I don't care if Peter is a "very experienced sailor" or not...many elderly people who have driven through storefronts or run over pedestrians are "very experienced drivers" who have driven for more years than YOU can count, yet they are obviously unable to safely drive a vehicle and their drivers licenses are revoked. It sounds to me and many others that Peter doesn't have the judgement to make a "judgement call" and needs to do his sailing safely on firm ground, or he needs to post a bond to pay for the regular emergency services that he keeps on-call on our dime.

  9. "very experienced sailor"?!?!?! What good is experience if you don't learn anything from it? For instance, when conditions are not right for your tiny little boat.

    Peter, if you read this, please for your sake, your families sake and the tax payers that pay for your continued rescues sake, please sell the boat and stay off the lake.

  10. The CPD Marine Unit probably loved the attention & publicity. No harm, no foul! I don't think a lot of the city's assets were expended in this rescue. A few gallons of diesel perhaps? A successful mission for them! It was a boating accident. They happen all the time.