Friday, April 13, 2012

One Person Seriously Injured In Fire At 4300 Marine

In this picture sent in by a reader, the circled area shows an enlargement
of the blown-out windows in the unit where the fire occurred.
According to readers and the Tribune, there was a fire shortly after 5pm today in one unit of the condo building located at 4300 North Marine. One person was left in serious to critical condition from smoke inhalation, and the damage was limited to one unit. According to witnesses, the fire department arrived on-scene quickly and put out the fire quickly. The unit where the fire occurred was on the sixth floor.

The Tribune story is here. There are several photos of the fire shared by a reader on UU's Facebook page.

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  1. My heart goes out everyone involved. This will be a life changer for them. I hope they have a good association board and management team. I own a unit in the condo building that had a big fire at Lawrence and Magnolia in February. Our association and Cagan, the building management, have been phenomenal in getting repairs underway for the torched and smoke-damaged units. It's been quite an ordeal!