Friday, April 13, 2012

Dock Workers Needed

If you're looking for summer employment, the Dock at Montrose Harbor is looking for servers, hostesses and busboys.  Take a look at its ad in Craigslist, here, and show up in person today between 11am and 4pm to apply.  Good luck!


  1. Servers: Experienced, energetic people who love to be outside; 21 and over. Resume and photo a plus.

    Wonder what the EEOC thinks of this? I know what I think of it which means it doesn't matter what they look like because I will never see them.

  2. Yeah, I noticed the same detail you pointed out myself. My roommate (who has YEARS of wait staff experience and used to work at the Walnut Room at MACY'S) interviewed last summer to work there and said the interview went well, but he's over 35 and feels he never got called back because of his age.

  3. What about being prompted to "optionally" state your race/gender on just about every online job application while submitting your resume? You know those that opt-out are kicked to the curb.