Monday, April 23, 2012

Lawrence / Broadway Activity

A lot of inquiries from readers like this one:

"Do you know what happened at Demera last night or this morning?  When I drove past this morning on my way to work, I saw 2 police cars with lights flashing and yellow crime scene tape around the entire front of the restaurant.  It looked like the windows were out.  Was there a fire?"

A couple members of Team UU were out in that area around 3am and didn't notice anything unusual.  Anyone know what happened?


  1. this is a link to a pic from website

    Here is a pic:

  2. The police tape around the restaurant and to the back of the parking lot. I drove past and saw more tape around a section in the parking lot, though I may be wrong. probably just a crime scene.

  3. Red stains on the sidewalk? Maybe that's why the crime scene tape.

  4. the owner and his friend try to kill a young man they beat him bad he was in the comma for 6 hrs plus didn't even have common sense to call help he left because he knows he is wrong to open that late after 4am to serve alcohol

  5. I took that pic and posted it on everyblock, mentioned earlier. Just an FYI, the red markings on the ground are spray paint, not blood.