Monday, April 23, 2012

100 Years Ago On Argyle Street

Thanks to the website Silent Beauties, dedicated to the silent screen era, we have 3 minutes and 45 seconds of "Mr. Flip" -- shot at Essanay Studios in 1909, probably where the parking lot for St. Augustine College is now.  It stars Ben Turpin and was directed by "Broncho Billy" Anderson. According to Silent Beauties, it's the first movie to feature the classic pie-in-the-face gag.


  1. Hello! Thanks for mentioning my blog and posting Mr. Flip. Some internet sources claim that the first pie on the face was actually thrown in this film. We'll never know for sure, as most silents are already lost, but their claim apparently makes all sense.
    Feel free to keep on quoting Silent Beauties and posting its videos in your blog. I´m very happy to be useful somehow. If you want further communication, you can e-mail me at

  2. where is the movie link? I would love to see it. - thx

  3. The two hyperlinks in the paragraph go right to it: