Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book Signing/Music At Green Mill Thursday

From the press release:

On Valentine’s Day morning in 1929, in the jazz age days of pinstriped suits and Tommy guns, with coldblooded ingenuity Al Capone’s favorite henchman “Machine Gun” Jack committed one of the most brutal crimes of the era — or so legend has it. Deadly Valentines: The Story of Capone’s Henchman “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn and Louise Rolf, His Blonde Alibi (Chicago Review Press; April 2012) is the fascinating, true story of Capone’s chief assassin — the suspected man behind the murders Jack McGurn, and his lovely libertine paramour Louise Rolfe who came to his defense.

Police found Jack and Louise two weeks after the murders in a downtown Chicago hotel. Both claimed to have been in bed the morning of the shootings, a scandalous alibi that grabbed headlines in newspapers from New York to LA. Before long Hollywood was copying their “hipster” speech; they were the spellbinding poster children of the new jazz subculture, and the police were on their tail. A captivating story skillfully weaving the life and violent career of “Machine Gun” Jack with that of his second wife Louise, a woman who defined the extremes and excesses of the Roaring Twenties, Deadly Valentines offers an exhilarating snapshot of one of the most outrageous events of the decade — an event that positioned Al Capone as the nation’s most notorious mobster, leading the Outfit in its finest and fiercest hour.

UU Note:  For more on  the Green Mill and Jack McGurn's connection to it, click here.

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