Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bike Race At Montrose Harbor On Sunday

Bill Barnes of XXX Racing-Athletico writes in to say:  

"I'm a long-time reader, and a member of the XXX Racing team. I wanted to give you a heads up, that this Sunday, the 22nd, we'll be hosting a Bicycle Race near Montrose Harbor (Simonds and Lawrence, to be exact). You can find information about it here.

Information about closures: The course itself (map on the link) will be closed to traffic, and traffic will be unable to go further East than the parking lot entrance on Wilson. Keep in mind this lot is still open, and access to the dog beach is still possible.

We'll have traffic marshals and pedestrian traffic marshals to ensure everyone's safety (as well as our furry friends' safety). There will also be snacks for the dogs near the entrance to the dog beach, which is close to the start/finish area of the race. We encourage anyone interested to come out and spectate or even better, come out and race!"

From the website:  "Online registration is available and highly recommended.  At noon there will be a free race for children, and all participants will receive a medal."

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