Monday, April 9, 2012

Alma Pita Plans To Expand

The future doorway to the expanded Alma Pita on Wilson.
A reader writes in:
"Not sure if you are aware but I spoke with the new man who appears to be running Alma Pita at Wilson and Magnolia. The interior of the restaurant has been freshly painted and none of the artwork or signs are gracing the walls anymore. I noticed a doorway into the former home of Agnes Cleaners and asked the gentleman if they were expanding and he said "yes." I don't know if this man is the new owner or is just an investor but I thought your readers would like to know.
Speaking of expansion, it would be nice if Starbucks would expand into the old "Unique so Chique" space since the place is always packed. I can dream."


  1. I also hope Alma comes back because that guy is total garbage. He changed the recipe for the vegetable stew that they put over rice on the plate meals, and changed the spices used to marinate/cook the chicken. As much as I love a small, local business, I would not recommend eating there unless you see a nice older lady behind the counter. This guy is bad news.

  2. Hum. I haven't seen this guy. Love the place though.

  3. If anyone can confirm that Alma is back, I'd go back to getting carryout weekly for dinner. But every time I've walked by there in the past 4 weeks or so, this guy is there. After 2 bad experiences with him behind the counter we won't go back.