Friday, March 2, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Yes, please!  According to Eater Chicago, chef Kristine Subido is opening a chicken restaurant, "Pecking Order," at a soon-to-be-disclosed location near Clark and Montrose.

It will be fast/casual, with seating for up to 80, and feature some of her family's Filipino recipes.  You can read more about the proposed restaurant here at Eater Chicago.  Where will it be located?  Let the guessing begin!

UU Note: With the rumored new soul food restaurant in the works as well, Clark and Montrose may finally be beginning to move up from the retail wasteland it's been for the past decade or so.


  1. Was sitting in Filter in WickerBucktownPark across from her while she and her designer/PR person were discussing plans. Maybe they're planning it opening in that area?