Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where The Aragon Was A Ballroom

From the Tribune's tribute to Chicago's ballrooms:
"In an age of information overload, when cellphones double as video cameras, it's refreshing to recall the excitement a radio once produced with simple announcements on the order of: "We're coming to you live, from the lovely Aragon Ballroom in beautiful Uptown! It's the danceable tunes of Wayne King — the Waltz King!"

Then across the stillness of a Chicago evening, the throaty sounds of saxophones and the brassy notes of trombones floated into homes of listeners perhaps too old or too young for a night on the town. From the 1920s to the 1960s, romance ruled the local airwaves and ballrooms."
You can read the whole article here, and see more vintage photos of the Aragon here.


  1. Perhaps back then all the letters in the sign lit up? I think the second "A" has not lit up for quite some time.

  2. My Grandparents met at Aragon Ballroom at just such a night of Dancing and revelry. We still have their photos taken that night.