Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Tire Slashings
(Police Reports Are Your Friends)

First the slashed tires happened on Eastwood -- and no one filed a report.

Then it happened again on Leland -- did anyone call the police or file a report?

Now it's happened yet again in the alley on Lakeside Place -- will anyone else call the police?
"I wanted to let you know that just about every car in the alley south of Lakeside Place had a tire slashed last night. We filed a police report. We do need help. If anyone saw anything unusual last night, they should contact the police about it.

We talked to the officer about the incident on Leland last week. Apparently no one whose car was affected called the police. Because of that they could not file a report. We need to remind people to call police to report anything that happens."
If you are the victim of a crime, call the cops and file a report. If they don't know about crime patterns, they can't know what to look for.  We get the policing we demand.


  1. That's not true. My car's tire was slashed last Tuesday and I called the police. I also called the alderman's office and they were aware of both the Eastwood & Leland tire slashings. That officer was not telling you the truth when he said no one called the police.

  2. Last summer I called the police because of some teens yelling & loitering. It took them over an hour to arrive. Maybe people don't have the time to call?