Friday, March 30, 2012

We Got The Beats (New Ones, Too)

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If you live in the 19th Police District (formerly the 23rd -- south of Lawrence), the police beat you live in has changed.  It's possible that your CAPS meeting has changed as well.  The new CAPS beat meetings begin in April.
  • Beat 1913 -- This used to be Beat 2311.  Only the number of the beat has changed.  It's still bordered by Clark, Lawrence, Broadway and Montrose.  Your beat meeting remains the first Tuesday of the month at Truman College, 1145 W Wilson.  Your next beat meeting is Tuesday, April 3.
  • Beat 1914 -- This new beat was formed by combining former Beats 2312 and 2313.  It is bordered by Broadway, Montrose, the lake and Lawrence.  The meeting location is the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse, 4501 N Clarendon, and it meets on the second Wednesday of each month.  Your next beat meeting is April 11th.  If you are used to meeting in the Sheridan Plaza on the third Tuesday of each month, this is your new beat meeting.
  • Beat 1915 -- This new beat was formed by combining former Beat 2322 with the part of Beat 2323 that's north of Irving Park.  It's bordered by Irving, the lake, Montrose and Clark.  Your beat meeting remains the first Thursday of the month at the Uptown Library, 929 W Buena.  If you live south of Irving Park, check the 19th District home page for your new beat and meeting time.
  • Beat 1912 -- If you live west of Clark between Irving Park and Lawrence, you are now in Beat 1912.  This includes all of former Beat 1922.  Your meeting location remains the Chase Park Fieldhouse, 4701 N Ashland, but your meeting has changed from the second Wednesday of the month to the third Tuesday of the month.  Your next beat meeting is April 17th.
If you live north of Lawrence, you're in the 20th District, and your meetings and beats have not changed.  Here's a map:
And a reminder, we list all CAPS meetings in the calendar on the right-hand sidebar of the blog.

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