Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lunch Break

The Tribune just made us hungry with its article about Baker & Nosh (1303 W Wilson):
Between Tuesdays and Thursdays, Millholland offers a terrific turkey-bacon sandwich with arugula, tomato, Swiss cheese and black pepper mayo ($6.50).  The star, of course, is the house-made ciabatta — appealingly crusty with the softest, airiest interior, and a yeasty, bakery-specific aroma that indicates the bread is only several hours young.
Read the whole thing here. We're heading over right now.


  1. This place is one of the best things to come into being in Uptown since I moved here years ago. Although my recent cholesterol levels have me conflicted, my belly wishes them much success. Everything my wife and I have tried thus far has been exceptional, especially the Turkey Bacon sandwich Terry made for me today.

    From the looks of things, this place will be around for a long time, and that makes me a very happy Uptown resident. High cholesterol levels be damed, I just can't resist :)