Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Helen Speaks!

Got a hankering to hear the previous alderman of the 46th Ward speak her mind?  Head on up to posh Lake Forest for the opportunity:

"Taking a look at what Mayor Emanuel of Chicago has been able to accomplish during his first year in office, Lake Forest College presents a panel of politics professors, aldermen and a journalist who will take a closer look at the changes he’s made in the city.

Assistant Professor of Politics Carrie Nordlund will chair the panel of participants, which includes Professor of Politics Emeritus Paul Fischer; current Chicago Alderman of the 5th Ward, Hon. Leslie Hairston; senior editor of political newsmagazine In These Times, Dr. David Moberg; and former Chicago Alderman of the 46th Ward, Hon. Helen Shiller.

The event will be held at 7:30 p.m., April 17 in the Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel, 555 N. Sheridan Rd. - Middle Campus."


  1. I hate her politics but I still find her attractive.

  2. ... actually, I take that back. I think I might be very interested to hear Helen's take on how Rahm is dealing with the massive pile of shit Ms. Shiller and her erstwhile collection of nitwits left on their successors' desks.

    - skyrocketing violent crime rate
    - massive fiscal crater
    - failing infrastructure
    - failing schools
    - etc

    Yes, Ms Shiller, do tell us your thoughts on what the new mayor (and by extension, the new alderman of the 46th) have accomplished within their first year.