Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Birthday Present for the City?

David Stratis asks: "What do you get for a city that has everything?

175 is an age that deserves something special. A restoration effort of a National Treasure, perhaps? Chicago, after all, has been very good lately.

Another “new” Uptown history video was just posted today.  It highlights the Jazz Age Movie palaces of Uptown, including the Uptown Theatre, which Mayor Emanuel has hinted in the press may be in consideration as a centerpiece for a city-wide cultural development effort.

The Uptown Chicago Entertainment District is home to The Chicago Uptown Theatre, The Riviera Theater, The Lakeside Theatre, and former Jazz Age movie palaces such as The Pantheon Theatre, the DeLuxe Theatre, the Wilson Avenue Theatre and more.

This video details the history of some of Uptown's larger Jazz Age Movie Palaces, including the Uptown Theatre, a National Treasure that is the largest movie palace in the US, larger than Radio City Music Hall. For those who have seen older versions of this history animation, a new soundtrack was added, segments were shortened and many new photos added, including photos of the Panthon Theatre, the DeLuxe theatre and vintage photos of the Wilson Avenue Theater and Lakeside Theatre."

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  1. I meant to comment on this earlier.

    Nice work, Dave.

    By the way if you get the chance check out the Patio Theater at 6000 W Irving. The theater interior is in fine shape. The lobby and bathrooms need some work.

    Tell em' the IrishPirate sent ya and you'll pay five bucks to get in!

    Don't mention me and you'll pay five bucks to get in.