Thursday, March 1, 2012

46th Ward Zoning Meeting Re Boutique Hotel

Ald. Cappleman's office advises:
"The 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee is having a public meeting to review the requested zoning change for the Andersonville Guest House, 4872 N. Clark.  This meeting will be Wednesday, March 14th at 7pm, and will be held in the Charlie Chaplin Auditorium at St. Augustine College, 1345 W. Argyle.  Please note that there will NOT be parking available at St. Augustine at that time."
To see more about the guest house, go to Cap's website, here. The Andersonville Guest House website is here.

Update:  According to this article in Curbed Chicago, the hotel is already built and has already been in business for a year or so.  The zoning request is for a possible addition adjacent to the existing building.


  1. Isn't this place in Uptown? Well, I guess if they had called it Uptown Guest House that might not be a big selling point!

  2. @Media Critic: Since you ask, Uptown has multiple neighborhoods that are part of it - just as Edgewater and other community areas across the city do.

    Some neighborhoods, like Andersonville, cut across boundaries of these city-designated "community areas."

    So, is it technically in Uptown? Sure - it's in the Uptown community area. But, it's located in the Andersonville neighborhood.

  3. QRBNST is right but media critic is right to be on the defense, the Admiral development was routinely cited as being in Edgewater, even after my attempts to correct them.

    When gushing about any business development, local media will go out of their way to frame the location as anything but Uptown.

  4. How do we push for contemporary, or at least high-quality, architecture we can take pride in? This sort of fakey old style utility brick building seems to be encroaching upon Uptown and Andersonville, and there's sure to be more of it as our neighborhoods grow and gentrify. Do people really like the way these buildings look? Or are they just blinded by the fact that they're new?

  5. I agree with Todd...its butt-ugly.

  6. Nope, not even "technically" in Andersonville. According to the A'ville Chamber of Commerce, that overlay neighborhood's southern border is Winnemac (5033 N Clark). This is clearly an Uptown location.

    Not that it makes much difference (esp. when you see all the places that call themselves Lincoln Park or Lakeview that are miles from a park or lake), but just to be clear, it's as Uptown as the old Rainbo Roller Rink that used to be located on the same block.

  7. Double Amen to Todd.
    Sticker Brick Sux!!!

    Isnt Cinder Block COnstruction more appropriate for third world countries anyways?

  8. Maybe you should call Sedgwick and have them come up with something brilliant

  9. Wait, wait...we can make it an Arts Center instead!!

    Jus' kidding, don't want IP to get all antsy, ....let em build it, they already poured the damn foundation for cryin in a bucket.

  10. Per RE site Chicago Home:


    North Boundary: 5600 N Bryn Mawr
    South Boundary: 5000 N Argyle
    East Boundary: 1200 W Broadway
    West Boundary: 1800 W Ravenswood
    Primary Zip Code: 60640
    Sub-Neighborhood of: Edgewater
    Includes: Lakewood/Balmoral

    Note... the south border actually said 5000 N. Winnemac, but 5000 N is ARGYLE. Winnemac is 5032 N.

  11. Hey UU, not to belabor the discussion, but I just traversed Clark St south from Devon Av and observed the following:

    We've all seen the street light banners that bear the flags/banners that designate Chicago's various neighborhoods, right? Well, the furthest north "Andersonville" banner was at Edgewater (5732 N) and the furthest south was at Ainsle St. (4900 N).

  12. Well, according to the Andersonville Chamber, it's bordered "roughly by Winnemac (5033 N) to the south, Victoria (5800 N) to the north, Ravenswood (1800 W) to the west, and Magnolia (1250 W) to the east." Maybe they had too many street banners and had to spread the wealth. But the Andersonville Guest House is *still* in Uptown, dammit! ;-) Unless Andersonville wants to claim the Rainbo and the crumbling walls of St. Boniface Cemetery.

  13. Like I said, just an observation.

    Most of my life, I lived in the 47th Ward. Then one day, the Ward boundary was moved from the alley behind my house, to the middle of street in front of my house and I became a resident of the 46th Ward. Now, the NEW Ward remap will put me back in the 47th Ward.

    Apparently, boundaries aren't always laid in stone and nothing lasts forever... another observation.

  14. Besides the crumbly wall and Rainbo Fiasco Andersonville would also have to claim the notorious Lincoln Towing....kings of the tag 'em and drag 'em late nite shake-down.

    At least they inspired a damn good song......from Wilmette to Gary theres nothing so scary...and they always.....collect their....fee...


  15. As an expert on misdirecting threads I think this thread has ventured a bit off topic.

    The real question is whether this boutique hotel proposal is good for the hood.

    Methinks it is. Whether you want to call that hood Uptown or South Andersonville or Pirate Junction.

  16. It may be a solid business, but the community needs to see their books and do a lot of due diligence.

    The Rainbo condos just down the street are a big pile of fail - last I heard basic services and upkeep aren't happening and it's knee deep in litigation…

    ….as are the condos in the 5000 block of Clark (where, I think, Jimmy John's and a cooking store are the first level retail). It's stuck with empty units because no bank will finance and buyers must have cash only.

  17. There's an awful lot of negativity in the comments here- this is a well-maintained, new construction building that is providing a great and affordable way for people to come spend their time and money in Andersonville AND Uptown (As well as Edgewater, probably.)

    Certainly there needs to be some caution when any business expands, but can't we all agree that this is good for the community? The developer of this building is the same as that of the Flats at Loyola Station. We've used them before and we were thrilled to find updated, sparkling units so close to home.