Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Early Voting Has Begun;
An Invitation From 46th Ward Democrats

A reminder and an invitation:

"Early voting runs through March 15, 2012.  The 46th Ward’s early voting location is Truman College at 1145 W. Wilson in Chicago.  Early voting hours are 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Saturday.  You must bring a government-issued Photo ID with you to early vote.  For more information on early voting, visit or call 1.312.269.7900."

You can also vote at Broadway Armory Park in the 48th Ward, 5917 N Broadway, Monday thru Saturday, 9am-5pm; or Welles Park (47th Ward), 2333 W Sunnyside, 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday, and on Sundays from 9am-3pm.  You do not have to live in a ward to vote at its polling place.

And an invitation:

"Please join Alderman James Cappleman, Democratic Committeeman Tom Sharpe and other 46th Ward Democrats for our pre-election “Meet the Candidates” Night at The Spot Restaurant at 7PM on Wednesday, March 7th.

At this event, which is free and open to the public, you can meet the Democratic candidates running in the upcoming March 20th Primary.  We will also have a presentation from representatives of President Obama’s re-election campaign about how you can help the President’s campaign this year.

This promises to be a fun evening, with free appetizers and drink specials at one of Uptown’s best gathering spots. Here are the details:

46th Ward Democrats “Meet the Candidates” Night
Wednesday, March 7th, 7–8:30PM
The Spot Restaurant, 4437 N. Broadway – Chicago
Free Appetizers and Drink Specials!

To RSVP or for more information contact Sean Tenner:

46th Ward Democrats will be selecting candidates at every level of government – from the White House to the Court House – in the March 20th Primary.  Come meet the candidates who are running to serve you and learn how to help the President!"



    I know most of the people reading this are democrats and that's okie dokie with me. I'm a congenital democrat with a bad moon rising. As my Irish born granny used to say "The Democrats have always been better for the working people. Now pass the Guinness."

    However, the Lord has provided congenital democrats such as myself with a fabulous opportunity to help nominate Rick Santorum for the GOP Presidential nomination. Senator Santorum is on a mission from God, we Chicagoans love missions from God, and we need to help him in his quest to receive the Lord's blessing and run as the GOP standard bearer.

    So I'm humbly suggesting that all democrats "pull one for Santorum in the voting booth."

    Yes, hold your nose, grab a GOP ballot and then "pull one for Santorum".

    After all do you really want to see the GOP race end soon? Watching the clown car that is the GOP nomination fight is cheaper than cable and less dangerous than Snookie getting pregnant.

    Once again, vote early, vote often, and "pull one for Santorum".*

    *This Rant Has Not Been Paid for by the Chicago Irish for O'Bama campaign or the political action committee of condom manufacturers.**

    **I lied. This rant has been paid for by Obama operatives and the birth control industrial complex.***

    ***Snookie's pregnancy could have been avoided with condoms. Annoy Rick Santorum and buy some today.(Paid for by the condom industry)

  2. A coat-tail party how .. *yawn*

    I'd much prefer that our local officials avoid muddying their shoes trapsing about in national politics.

    It's not as though Obama's in any danger of losing IL's electoral votes.

    If the Obama campaign wants to spend money in this ward, go nuts. Send us some cash to fix a few things, or feed a few people.

    And ... IP - for a guy who has condemned people for gaming elections, promoting the gaming of a primary is ... an interesting departure.

    The "Chaos" effect does nothing more than pervert the system and cancels out the votes of those who want to participate.

    No matter how you slice it, it's unethical.

    Then again, if it's for a candidate/party/issue that you agree with, then I guess that's ok, right?

  3. No way am I pulling a Republican ballot just to be part of a goofy prank that would have a nil effect anyways.

    Vote for who you believe in, not what some comedian thinks is a col idea.

    While Obama may be running unopposed there are some Democratic local races in contention, and we all know politics are local too.

    So be a real Democrat and vote Democratic.

    * I apologize for the snicker-able punchlines. Maybe next time...

  4. Littleton said...

    Vote for who you believe in, not what some comedian thinks is a col idea.

    There's a comedian around here? Where?

  5. and we all know politics are local too.

    Indeed; but, I recall Obama endorsing Blago (twice) and Todd Stroger in local(ish) elections.

    He's also punking Halverson in favor of Jesse Jr (who's ethics violation investigation is .. er .. stalled on the Hill).

    I'd prefer to see my local pols stand on their own two feet, and their own platform, instead of lazily banking their fortunes off a guy whose history of political endorsements is far from spectacular.

  6. ... "banking", as in "bouncing off of", not as in any monetary kinda' thing.

  7. Only one of you is worthy of a response.

    That would be Toucan who slipped a shiv into my internet side. Touche to Toucan.

    As for Yo why don't you grab Chip Douglas tonight and head over to the Fountainhead Bar at Montrose and Damen and watch "Game Change" about the Palin pick.

    Ayn Rand and Sarah Palin. Be still some hearts.

    Littleton, I didn't realize you were the Madison of Mercy Housing. James Madison that is, not Dolly. Speaking of Dolly Madison I need a cupcake.



  9. Hey man,

    I'm not going pro/con on your (or anyone's) political leanings. I'm just saying that "pulling one" for any candidate you really don't want to see in office (or promoting such action) is bad mojo.

    For the record: I'm neither a Palin or Rand fan. Chip would have to go alone.

  10. Good show Irish Pirate.
    maybe Irish Pirate could form a spinoff blog of his own from Uptown Update. haha.

  11. I don`t like any from either party so I won`t vote and make my blood boil about the issues. I am retired, got a good income, got free medical from the VA, my wife still works as a nurse, I own property. No matter who is in the White House I could care less. Weather it be Obama or Pee Wee Herman in the White House all i can say is fuhgedabouidit.

  12. Its a late notice but...

    The Chicago Cultural Plan 2012 is having their first "neighborhood meetings" tonight and the one that will be closest to Uptown.

    It will be held at the Cambodian American Museum and Killing Fields Memorial at 6pm.

    If you can't make this one there will be others throughout the city, more info on their website and fb page.

  13. Yo,

    I had to create a wee bit of a distraction here. This is the first post in over a week to get more than a handful of comments.

    That's what happens when the gangs are driven underground. We haven't had a shooting here in nearly 3 months.

    I'm not hoping for gunfire or violence, but perhaps something exciting can happen around here.

    Maybe a tranny hooker running down Broadway yelling "fire" as President Obama flies above in Marine One. Ya know.

    Something the national media can pick up on for a little amusement.

    If I wanted to live in a boring hood I'd take Shiller's advice and move to Lincoln Park. Then I''d start complaining about how the new fast food restaurant is too downscale and how it's an atrocity.

    Come on Yo. Put on a wig and high heels and run down Broadway. Maybe Littleton will run after you so it will be an Uptown Twofer. I don't expect Chip to be there. He'll be too busy over at the Fountainhead.

  14. No, no ... I remember what happened the last time you suggested I put on a wig and high heels.

    I am NOT going through that again.

    PS - you still owe me $20.

  15. IP,

    It HAS been strangely quiet in Uptown lately. Gee, I wonder why.