Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maryville, Where The Fun Never Stops

Shortly after 3:30pm today, we heard from a reader that "Police are on the scene and have ordered a canine unit to find the vagrants inside the building."

A little later, a resident living near the building reported that the main Maryville building was raided by the CPD, who entered the building through the rear, by the west parking lot. Three men who had apparently been living inside were removed, and then the canine officers showed up and led them to one more. Around 4:45, there were still seven police vehicles on Montrose and the police were still conducting a search of the building.


  1. Yeah ,why would you want new construction bringring down your property calues when you can have vagrants living in your backyard."i dont want to look at a loading dock " but a boarded up building filled with bums is much better.All of you who keep fighting tearing that down and building something new there have to live with this crapola!!!to bad,new store ,new neighbors,new ,park,nah,just leave this diseased filled building up

  2. Jmisso, you keep missing the point. Most of us want development there. We just don't want THAT development from THAT developer.

    The Maryville buildings are in such bad shape (thanks, Sisters!) that, should no agreement to develop them occur soon, they will surely be torn down and the land will be empty until someone decides to build on it.

    There really are shades of grey; it's not a matter of "vagrants living in dilapidated buildings" OR "The Lighthouse At Montrose, by Sedgwick." Lots of other options.

    Good for the cops in removing the squatters. I've lived in Uptown long enough to remember several buildings under construction going up in flames because vagrants were living in them and started fires for warmth.

  3. People complained about Wilson Yard, traffic issues, no businesses moving in,etc. Now look at it 2 yrs later,beautiful block full of businesses and pedestrian traffic actually shopping and not panhandelling,NO traffic......huge Tif cuz people taking a chance in a poor neighborhood full of halfway houses and vagrants take advantage of a tax system that encourages new construction ,which means more foot traffic and people spending money in the area.Its Uptown people,been a joke for years about how its changing for 30 yrs now and you are not helping! I live half a block away ,dont see you guys hanging around the park at nite,wonder why

  4. Who is in charge of this property. I live across the street always see people climbing over the fence and heading toward the back dock area to sleep and now to climb into the building for shelter as the police found out today. They need someone to come around and make sure the building is secure and safe for the neighbors around it. Who do you call to make complaints?

  5. Not surprised. UU won't post my comment either. I was burglarized over the weekend and I had a feeling someone was watching us from inside the vacant building. I wanted UU to post my comment but don't know why they didn't.. IT'S TIME TO TAKE THE BUILDING DOWN..

  6. People complained about Wilson Yard

    Indeed .. and due to that complaining, it could be argued, the developer and the alderman ensured that the concerns of the community were addressed (mostly ... the current retail situation still doesn't quite match to what was proposed, nor what was possible).

    As TSN noted, it's not that people are against development - a lot of people don't want just any ol' slapped-together development and would certainly prefer a developer with a little better track record.

    I live a half a block away as well .. and I've got no problem being patient until something comes along that the community will support.

  7. Jmisso,

    As soon as you board up your windows, you can have a say in the matter. It's so easy for someone like you to not have any compassion for your neighbors that the development would effect negatively.

    So, you think the development would fix all or some of the problems that the homeless are causing? Do you really think all the stray bullets are coming from these people? Do you think that crime will be reduced if the development goes through?

    We have HUGE crime in the neighborhood. There hasn't been a violent crime on the property at all. But our property values are down and we can't sell because of the stray bullets flying in the neighborhood, not because of an empty building. But because you brought it up, what do you think a view of the loading will do to my property value? I'm sure the question is moot since you don't seem to care.

    And as it has been said before and I'll say it again because people like you keep not hearing what people others are saying: We are not against development. We are FOR it or else we wouldn't have bought here. All we ask is for a responsible developer like JDL that took the neighbors requests into account when making changes to their design. We DON'T want a shoddy and irresponsible developer who can't keep their current buildings afloat and can't afford the project without yours and my tax dollars.

    So in closing, I hope you have something more constructive to say in the future instead of your neighbor hating drivel. How about making the sisters keep the place clean and secure.

  8. ThEre hasnt been any crime there???? A dead body laying in the grass behind the tennis courts in the afternoon last summer??!!!!Homicide by blunt force trauma.Walking my dog with my wife on a Saturday and a group of gangbangers start a fight with me,im 6 ft 250 .Its people like me that want this area changed for the better and its people like you that live with your head in the clouds.I live right there,mI dont see any of you hanging in the park, why not? Crime thats why andd how do you change that,occupation of people whose interst are for the good of the neighborhood.Please stop with this nonsene of how great it is over there,its a blight its dangerous and it needs change NOW!!

  9. In the end, as long as a tasteful high rise is built on this site, i'll be happy.

  10. Are the Sisters being fined for not securing their building? This was not a good use of police time and our tax money. The Sisters need to make sure this place isn't a danger to those around it.

    Also, the sidewalks are never shoveled around the buildings or the parking lots. Who are we supposed to call to support this? Is it 311? Maybe if the Sisters have to start paying more attention to the property, they will be more inclined to find a better deal instead of just focusing on Sedgwick.

  11. And you think that a big gym and a big store are going to stop those people from starting a fight with you or dumping a body there? My point was that violent crime is being originated by the gangs that cruise the entire neighborhood, not the vagrants. Did the Target project do anything to reduce crime? In fact it has increased in the last couple of years because gangbangers don't care about fancy new buildings. Anyone who thinks that putting up a building would magically allow you to safely walk down the street or even put a dent in the crime that currently exists, has their head in the clouds.

    You want to reduce crime? Get rid of drug dealers that live in low income housing. Make those places more responsible for the type of people that live there and you'll get a whole host of developers who will want to build all over Uptown. I want you and I to be able to walk safely in Uptown. The difference between us is that you don't care what happens to my property or it's value to get the job done. I'm thankful that 90% of the neighbors and 90% of the zoning board, do care.

  12. I understand jmisso63's frustration. We get, most likely, years of crubling buildings, pollution, crime and graffiti instead of people, businesses, activity, and tax revenues.

    It seemed clear to me from early on that instead of working to improve the Sedgewick plan, most of the neighborhood groups fought to get rid of sedgewick 'no matter what'. They are absolutely culpable in creating the antagonistic working relationship between Segewick and themselves.

    Now we hope that some other wonderful developer with a flawless reputation will come along and supmit a proposal for an archetictually stunning, perfectly scaled, building with no loading docks, just the right amount of retail space, and adds no traffic to the area. Dream on.