Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Changes Coming To Lawrence & Argyle Stations, Too?

The $135 million complete overhaul of the Wilson station is the biggest mass transit news in Uptown, but according to CTA Tattler, Lawrence and Argyle could be getting some love, as well... and first!  Read about it here:  "Big CTA Red Line rehab project could start this year; 7 stations at north end subject of RFP."

Inexplicably, the Lawrence viaduct is excluded from the repairs, but the rest of it sounds good. Awfully good.


  1. after these stations get groomed and Wilson is done, Sheridan will be the new eye sore.

  2. Sheridan will be the new eye sore

    One catastrophe at a time ...

    As for the Lawrence (and Wilson) viaducts, I don't think anyone should get their hopes up, too soon.

    Unfortunately, I think it's going to take some sort of structural collapse, involving injuries, to get anyone to recognize these as the imminent threat to public safety that they are - and not some convenient political backdrop.

    All sorts of stimulus dollars were made available to our Congressional representatives to address infrastructure, and well ... I guess getting Evanston repaved was much more important.

  3. The CTA needs to go down the alley next to the Aragon Ballroom and see the HUGE, HUGE, HUGE chunks of the walls supporting the tracks that have come down. It is downright scary!

  4. I would hope this will result in something more than a quick coat of paint for Lawrence and Argyle, that will only peel off and rust a year later. For God sake's, Lawrence doesn't even have 4 walls! At minimum, do something to get rid of the pigeons.