Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family Game Night Thursday At "The Game Room"

Community Open House at Sharp As A Tack’s THE GAME ROOM!

Sharp As A Tack would like to extend a warm greeting to the Uptown Community! As a company focused on playing with purpose, we’re looking forward to being a great fit in the neighborhood at our new home – The Game Room, at 4727 N. Clark.

Our first act as a new organization in Uptown is to get to know the surrounding community. So we’d like to extend an invitation to all Uptown families to the first of many community family game nights – on Thursday, February 23rd, from 5-8pm.

Our only rule: EVERYONE PLAYS! So roll up your sleeves and come on down for a night full of fun at The Game Room!

A little bit about us: Sharp As A Tack is an educational organization that uses screen-free games to help kids improve their cognitive development skills. What do we mean when we say cognitive development? I’m glad you asked! We use over 200 games to focus on different developmental skills that children need and adults sometimes overlook – skills such as processing speed, critical thinking, attention and focus, memory, creativity, and social and emotional skills.

Our before, during, and after-school programs were all developed with the goal of getting kids to think more critically and creatively – helping them develop how to think so they can be successful in school, in their communities, and within their families. Our passion for quality programming extends to the specialty workshops we host at The Game Room – from the Young Authors and Young Inventors series to our professional development workshops for educators.

We believe that by sharing unique perspectives and working toward a common goal, we can create an environment where students feel safe to take risks – fostering innovation, growth, and positive change. But that all starts with a strong foundation in the community, and that’s what we hope to build here in Uptown.

To learn more about Sharp As A Tack and our program schedule at the game room, please visit

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