Monday, January 30, 2012

Opening Day For Baker & Nosh

Opening day!  Judging from the comments on UU's  Facebook page, it seems like Uptowners really liked what they saw at Baker & Nosh (1303 W Wilson) today.  There were fresh tulips on the tables, helpful staff, and plenty of kinds of cheese (although the highly-touted sticky buns were gone by the time we got there).  Organic jams from Michigan, goat cheese, crackers and crispbreads, baguettes, roast veggie sandwiches, flavored waters and juices, and that's just what we can remember.

They're planning on being closed Mondays, but it was great to see them today.  Welcome to Uptown, B&N!  We wish you every success.


  1. If you missed the sticky buns, try the banana chocolate chip coffee cake--you won't be disappointed! Uptown deserves a place like this, and I wish it much success.

  2. Oh man, it's good. Worth the wait. The coffee is solid, the baked goods are excellent, the fresh bread and cheese looks and smells amazing, and there's a small but well-chosen selection of packaged goods. The best comparison I can make as far as the atmosphere goes is to City Provisions. (On a side note, if someone wanted to make me even happier, they could open a bar with City Provisions' cocktail program in the old Nick's space.) As much as I don't want to see any businesses fail on Wilson, even chains, B&N pretty much mops the floor with Starbucks even after two days in operation.

  3. I'm happy to have both B&N and Starbucks in the neighborhood. Each have invested in our community and are providing employment opportunities to local residents. Personally I will not choose between the 2, but support them both.

  4. I just stopped in this evening to see if I couldn't get those sticky buns, but the customer before me got the last of them. The man helping me (one of the owners?) compensated me by cutting me an extra thick slice of the chocolate chip banana bread and a ridiculously delicious coffee drink called "the bonbon," which he said was on him! So, the excellent customer service and the excellent coffee and baked goods have made me a convert. Welcome to the neighborhood B&N.

    @ Wicked Messenger: I agree with your sentiment completely, but having said that, Starbucks coffee does not compare to La Colombe. B&N's coffee is superb.