Monday, January 30, 2012

Nature Photographer on "Chicago Tonight" Monday

copyright held by Jerry Goldner
copyright held by Jerry Goldner
Jerry Goldner, the wildlife photographer responsible for the two stunning Uptown images above, will be appearing on WTTW's Chicago Tonight at 7pm on Monday.  He'll be discussing Snowy Owl biology with The Field Museum's Researcher & Birding Guru Josh Engel, and the segment will feature video and photos he's shot.

He'll also be discussing ways to protect birds from rodenticide & lead, collisions with auto & windows, entrapment in nets & fishing wire, and overzealous admirers & would-be photographers. (Remember, the snowy owls seen in Uptown have been suffering stress and have been forced to move from their water and hunting territory because of the crowds, so if you do a little amateur bird watching, remember to stay at least 30 feet away.)

If you'd like to see Mr. Goldner's work, including many seasons of the Uptown Theater peregrine falcons, his website is here.

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  1. I saw this article on yahoo news which likely explains why we have this beautiful owl wintering in Uptown.

    Unlike the Peregrine this big bird will be moving on back north......:(