Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Fun With Ward Maps

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A third contender for Chicago's new ward map was revealed last week (the "MALDEF Map").  We've done a screen capture to highlight the Uptown portions.  The proposed 46th Ward is in purple, the proposed 48th Ward is in terra cotta, and the proposed 47th Ward is in pink.

It's kind of a crazy map if you look at the whole thing.  Gerrymandering run wild!  One Westside ward would stretch all the way from Addison near Cumberland on the north to Garfield and Austin on the south, and it would be only two blocks wide at some points.

You can see the entire new ward map at WBEZ's website, as well as the other proposed maps, and the current layout.  "Interactive maps of competing proposals offer answer to Chicago redistricting question: Where's my ward?"

You can also see the current proposals for carving up Uptown, here.


  1. Using the MALDEF map, it's incredible (and disheartening) to see how much Chicago is still racially segregated in 2012. It's a pretty well known fact that there are geographical racial divides in this city, but until I took a look at the statistics, it didn't quite register with me how separate our city really is.

  2. Isn't this version pretty close to what we have now? it still has those northern slivers to include where the former alderbeast lives.

  3. I am tired of being in the 46th ward, yet being totally engulfed by the 47th at Kenmore/Winona all around. This has always posed problems as you are seeking city services and no one ward takes responsiblity or accountability for the City service. We've been trying for years to do simple things like neighborhood beautification but it takes a single ward to offer to pay for it and the same ward to sponsor and organize it. It's constant negotiation, balls are dropped, and projects never begin. Unfortunatly this is all politics, but it's getting tiring being on your own island and that is exactly how it feels.

  4. None of the maps are ideal, and even the compromises on the north side don't make sense from neighborhood standpoints.

    For instance, the 48th Ward Democratic organization is not well-liked by Andersonville residents who live WEST of Clark.

    This is why the 48th ward keeps moving south into Uptown to poach precincts from the 46th ward to make up the difference.

  5. I would be nice to see Argyle St between Sheridan and Broadway in the same ward.

    The same goes for all business districts, each one needs a strategy and that is usually better swerved by one committed Alderman rather then being on the periphery of two or three.

    Argyle St. has so much potential and it deserves better then as QBRSNT said "being poached".

    With that said it doesn't mean two committed alderman working together couldn't accomplish great things..but seriously how often does that happen?

    If I had my choice (without considering the other 49 wards at all) it would be the Latino Caucus map that pushes the 46th up to Foster (sorry KenCondoPres b/c you have a good point).

    Overall we have it good, some of those wards look like a plate of spaghetti.

    Gerrymandering is some of the most glaringly ugliest of the sausage making....I predict we see a 4th and maybe 5th and 6th proposal before the fat lady sings on this.

  6. This info is from 2nd ward Alderman Bob Fioretti's FB page....

    "Revised Location for Ward Redistricting Hearing on 1/11 6PM DePaul Univ. Student Center -- 2250 North Sheffield"