Thursday, December 22, 2011

Uptown Chicago - Birth of the Jazz Age

David Stratis has been hard at work.

"Another "NEW" Uptown history video has just been uploaded. This video highlights the "Jazz Age" history of Uptown. See postcards from the "Green Mill Gardens" road house, street photos and postcards of "Harmon's Arcadia Ballroom," and much, much more. For those who remember this history animation from the Magnolia Malden Neighbors web site, it has been edited down, photos added, and features a new soundtrack."

See what Uptown has been, and dream of what it can be again.


  1. They should light up the McJunkin Building again.

  2. So cool. I only wish the designer choose easier-to-read fonts. This obviously took a lot of time and heart. Thanks for sharing!