Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Snow, But The Snowy Owl Remains

A reader has sent us a recent photo of the Uptown snowy owl that has delighted so many of our readers.  It has moved locations.  A wildlife photographer has contacted UU to ask us not to disclose where it is now because, sadly, all the publicity the owl has gotten in the Tribune and Sun-Times has brought crowds who want to get close to it and that's stressed the bird.  There are people who have been chasing it, and as a result, it's off its prey and away from its water source.

The photographer warns:  "People must all stay a good distance away (30 yards or so) and not try to get a close-up photo."  The birding community is hoping he stays around a while, and that will only happen if he feels safe and people stop stressing him out.  (This photo was taken from a distance and we zoomed in on it.)

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  1. I was lucky enough to see the Owl last weekend and at the time there were only two other bird watchers on location. Once I was leaving, however, people showed up with their kids and dogs and it just seemed like a stressful environment. I hope other visitors will use common sense and keep their distance while admiring this great bird.