Friday, December 23, 2011

Sneaky Little Shortcut

A reader wrote in to share his discovery:  "Not sure how long it’s been open but I noticed it today and can’t remember your blog posting about it.  Very helpful for those of us near Sunnyside Mall!"


  1. I am one resident who is quite happy about this. I can now walk to Target in 5 minutes.

  2. I am a resident that is hoping this "sneaky little shortcut" gets boarded up. While this may make my trip to and from Target way easier, it's not worth it to have a "sneaky little shortcut" for the gangbangers. I prefer to do anything that hinders the gang gunfire I am living in lately.

  3. I immediately thought of more ways for the gangbangers to flee. Sad.

  4. I haven't walked through there, so I don't know what the layout is. Having said that, if everybody knows about it, including the cops, then it might be easier to "trap" the gang bangers along that corridor if there isn't any openings and they are dumb enough to take that route to flee.

  5. I can walk to target quickly, as well. And its hardly a sneaky shortcut. its been there for ages and to be honest, ive never seen gang memebers passing through. not to say they dont, but its not a secret path or anything, its fairly well travelled.

  6. I've walked through there many times. It was a shortcut even before the garage was built.

    there was a petition a while back about improving it which wouldn't be hard to do, just some lighting and pathway improvements.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about it as some kind of escape route. It is actually a very well video taped route, Truman, McJunkin, Aldi, and Target all have cameras at some point on this path.

    It should be improved, it would increase the walk-ability of the Sunnyside Mall.

    Target in particular would benefit because it would make it easier and more inviting for students to shop there before driving home from the new garage or catching the train. I mention this because maybe they could chip in and in return they could imprint targets in the sidewalk or whatever.

    Of course this area is in the Wilson Station "zone" so perhaps something will be done to tie it all together as part of that ble$$ed project in the planning stage...thanks Rahm!

  7. i dont get it. where's the shortcut?

  8. Jeffrey, you and I (and many of my neighbors) are singing from the same sheet of music! Thank are correct on every count.

    There's also a very well-beaten path into the relatively-new sod around the southeast corner of the McKeon Memorial Parking Structure/Testing Center/Empty Bicycle Storeage Emporium there at Truman. It links up the corner of Clifton/Sunnyside and goes around that building's east side to go under the EL tracks and to the parking between Aldi and Target. Even though people have to thread their way through, you rarely walk through without encountering kids going to and from school, mothers with kids carrying shopping bags, little old ladies pulling their marketing carts, and people going to and from the Wilson Red Line stop.

    The paths are already there...and putting up fences or other hurdles just keeps the decent people away without doing anything but slow down the undesireables. Fortunately, I haven't seen any gangbangers hanging there since foot traffic has been going through. And yes, we've been having conversations with the Alderman's office about improving the passageways and improving the lighting. The upcoming work on the Wilson Red Line Station can help tie this all together to let people WALK between the station, the McJunkin Building, Aldi, Target, Stewart School, Clifton/Sunnyside, Truman College, and Sunnyside Mall. Let Alderman Cappleman's office know if you like the idea, too!

  9. @ Bear60640

    "Empty Bicycle Storage Emporium"....golden!

    It is a good idea to let the alderman know for sure.

    During the latest meeting we (Mercy Hsg Tenent Ldrshp.)had with Mr. Ron Ester (GM of the Red, Purple, and Yellow lines) a couple weeks ago it was mentioned that starting in the spring there will be public hearings on the design of the Wilson Station project.

    These hearings will be critical for what that area looks like in the future.

    There will be notices put out, but maybe the GWNA blk. club should start fine-tuning some ideas of how that area can be tied together and utilized.

    There is going to be quite a bit of demolition not just behind the McJunkin build. but over Broadway as well. The new track structures will be "lighter", less obtrusive. There will be more daylight back there and a LOT more over Broadway.

    It was a good meeting we had with Mr. Ester, he even said he would see what he could do about pigeon abatement on Wilson which has become obnoxious.

    We gave him a "Golden Pass" for his continuing efforts and outreach with us. He even mentioned it in this Tribune article link toward the bottom... good times ahead in 2012 for Uptown!!,0,4190746.story

  10. Apropos of nothing,

    Hyde Park is currently trying to take a sneaky little shortcut past Uptown in Round Two of the Curbed Chicago Neighborhood of the Year voting.

    Show Uptown some love!