Saturday, December 17, 2011

Roadie Coyote

We've heard from readers who've seen coyotes in Graceland Cemetery, Sheridan Park and even at Truman College.  Now they're hanging out near Cricket Hill in the park (just north of Montrose as you enter Lincoln Park). 

A reader writes in:  "Just wanted to share a bit of information with my Uptown neighbors and fellow dog owners.  Walking in Lincoln Park around 4:30 this evening on the East side of the 'hill', my dog alerted me to a coyote out for a trot.  While it looked healthy and uninterested in my dog, I just wanted folks to keep their eyes open and pets in sight.  He was heading South, perhaps to hang out with the Trixies?"

They most likely won't attack people, but if you have a smaller dog, it may look like a hors d'oeuvre to one of them coy-otes.  Please remember to observe the leash laws.


  1. Hell, I was walking by St Boniface a few weeks ago and I saw a deer.

    Twenty years ago that deer would have met an untimely fate at the hands of the Almighty Gaylords and been cooked and eaten off Magnolia.

  2. I came across a Coyote hiding out in the grassy area at Montrose beach over the summer. It was later in the evening and I was out taking pictures. I started to cut through the tall grassy area and she heard me coming. She stood up and stood her ground. Every time I would take a step backwards she would take a step towards me. She was definitely trying to show me that I was in her territory. After I backed off enough for her comfort she laid back down in the grass where I couldn't see her anymore.

    I don't think she's a threat to people, but I agree that anyone walking their dogs in the area especially around sunset or after should be careful and stay in more open areas where you can see. I learned my lesson. :)

  3. Last Thursday morning, me and a friend went birding at Magic Hedge (east end of Montrose Harbor). There were (we assume) coyote tracks, which we followed. Looks like there were two and they had quiet a rumpus the night before! Two rabbit carcasses ... only thing left was a pile of fur and the (very unlucky!) rabbit's foot (or two). I was walking near Montrose this evening and about 50 or so yards north of Magic Hedge in the grassy area I saw a coyote just standing there. Was a little spooky!