Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Reservoir" On The Way?

A reader writes:  "I was wondering if you had information about a new business that looks to be under construction near 840 W Montrose.  It’s a building west of the Purple Cow.  I have seen construction people there over the recent days and have heard it might be a bar?  I love new businesses in the area!  Exciting!"

Last we heard (in May), it was slated to be a restaurant and bar called "Reservoir."  We asked around a bit this week and were told that the new owners had spent quite a bit of money rehabbing the space at 844 W Montrose and that the renovations are nearly completed.  We agree with our reader:  "Exciting!"  If anyone has any further information, please let us know.  We look forward to this new addition to Uptown.

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