Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mmmmm.... Soup!

Blustery weather has finally come to Uptown.  A reader writes in:  "Just wanted to remind your readers that The Purple Cow (838 West Montrose) is a great cold-weather option.  They have soup, which was perfect for a chilly Friday.  I just happened to stop there and had a bowl of homemade vegetable soup, a sandwich on pretzel bread, and took home a piece of homemade apple pie.  It was all delicious.  Oh yeah, they have ice cream and Belgian waffles too.  Please encourage your readers to stop by this shop in the winter as well as the hot weather months."

There've been a lot of comments and concerns this week on UU lately about what drives small businesses away.  Remember that not patronizing small businesses has the very same effect as a mega-store moving in next door!  Please remember to look close to home when you shop, so Uptown can retain the mom-n-pop shops that it already has, and attract more.
  • For soup on cold days, we like Purple Cow and Cousins (Leland just east of Clark).
  • For breakfast, we like Golden House Pancakes (next to the Riv) and Tiztal (4631 N Clark).
  • For lunch, Alma Pita (4600 N Magnolia) and Thai Uptown (4621 N Broadway).
  • For dinner, Dib (Kenmore & Lawrence), Fontana Grill (Beacon & Wilson), and Magnolia Cafe (1224 W Wilson).
  • For pizza, Papa Ray's (4757 N Sheridan) and Michael's (4091 N Broadway)
  • For drinks, Crew (4802 N Broadway) and Driftwood (1021 N Montrose)
But that's just us.  What are your favorite locally owned go-to spots?  Give them a shout-out in the comments.


  1. Does Anna Maria Pasteria count as Uptown? Maybe it's Ravenswood, but who cares... it's freaking good.

    I ordered their margarita pizza for the first time last summer and it was one of the best pizzas I ever had.

  2. This is pretty great. I wish I could go to all of these places all the time. The message is clear, frequent your local places!!!!

    Also, there are a bunch of empty storefronts by Starbucks and Alma Pita. Any ideas? It could be really nice!

    I think a barber shop would do well there.

  3. La Ciudad is my favorite local Mexican place, Siam Noodle and Rice for Thai, Crew for trivia and The Spot for Packers games!

  4. I enjoyed going to Michael's Pizzaria to watch Monday Night Football games. I especially remember the MNF with the Patriots and Saints going at it when both teams were undefeated. They had a good atmosphere and everyone was always nice there. Good delivery too.

  5. Got love "Bar on Buena" (BOB)for their great whiskey selection and fantastic burgers. Don't leave without trying one of Heather's delicious desserts.

  6. If I am not mistaken....Rokitos had Tortilla Soup...or maybe that was somewhere else.

    I love that stuff!! Wish I knew how to make it....edible.