Friday, December 2, 2011

Positive Loitering At Hazel & Wilson Tonight

From Clarendon Park Neighbors Association:

"How does 'cloudy and above freezing' sound to you? Sounds like a great chance to get bundled up and do an hour of Positive Loitering with your neighbors at the corner of Hazel and Wilson, Friday night at 7pm!

We continue to get great feedback from the police that work in our area about our efforts to stand up for a safe neighborhood. This is your chance to chat with your neighbors, meet some new people, talk about trouble spots in the area, and do a little walking around with the group. Wear gloves! Bring a dog!

See you Friday night, 12/2 at 7pm, corner of Hazel and Wilson!"


  1. Gang activity is bubbling up tonight - y'all be careful.

    1 18 yr old shot, and reports are coming in that other GBDs are standing about being all menacing around Leland/Sheridan.

  2. Guess the gangbangers knew they had to shoot up before you got out on the street.

    Appears to be a shooting at sheriden and Wilson.

    on the scanner the camera is still not working.

  3. We loitered and walked around the block from Wilson/Hazel to Sheridan at the McDonalds where the shooting was (a sizeable area on the sidewalk was taped off, w/ those "CSI" type bullet casing markers). The police suggested we call it a night due to possible continuing gang activity. Irony: we had more folks tonight than perhaps any night for the past two months, despite the cold.