Monday, December 5, 2011

Important Warning From Police

A reader who lives near all the action is telling us that she has been told no explosives are involved.  Hey, we'll take good news where we can find it.

We urge all Uptown Update readers within four blocks of the 4600 block of Broadway to stay safe. The police have said that there is a heavily armed fugitive in the 4639 N Broadway building and they are prepared for a possible shoot-out. Everyone is advised to stay away from this area.

Update:  According to Ald. Cappleman's twitter feed, "he's in custody but there were other people wanted. They are still in the building."

Update:  Here's a story timed at 8:26 from the Tribune.   It has some further information about what's going on.

Update:  Neighbors in the area, including UU team members, are getting robocalls from "emergency services" warning people to stay inside their homes until further notice.

Update:  Story in the Sun-Times time stamped 9:37pm.


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  3. So the court ruling is the reason a wanted fugitive is heavily armed (then consequently, ILLEGALLY armed), messing up the CTA schedules and shutting down half of Uptown for what is going on four hours?? Isn't that something the US Marshals come in and handle, not the courts? If you can make an association between the building that is on the list you mentioned and how it is ironic that, at this very moment, some sick human being is taking innocent hostages in that very building... and how a court ruling may have changed this, then I'll consider the possibility. So fill us in on your theories, Prof. And I'm honestly interested in hearing what you have to say.. I"m not being a smart alec. I just want more explanation of your theorized correlation between the current situation and the website list / court rulings from last year, and why the building even made that list to begin with, etc. I am interested to hear this stuff that I had no clue about, going on in my neighborhood. Sort of makes me feel ignorant... that all this is going on while I'm just going about my day to day life. *blush*

  4. Very true.....things like this are what the alderman can do to help the good people.

  5. The courts didn't hand this fugitive an arsenal of firearms to carry around, illegally concealed, and order them to do what they are doing now. Some people need to realize where personal accountability for their actions comes into play, regardless of the motivation. Just saying, from a neutral stand point. Do we know who this fugitive is and what he / she are demanding? Threats and demands are probably being made by this person.. I mean, who knows what is really going on??? We just want to know in this neighborhood. personally I want to know so I can leave my house and go get some food at the store - thats all I meeded to do because I had visitors this past weekend who, to my surprise when I went to find some food today, apparently got the munchies while I was asleep and raided my fridge. I gots nothin to eat. Because I've tried ordering from 5 places, all of whom apologetically deny delivery service to my building until the situation has defused.

  6. @The Professor... of course it is! This is a legacy issue via Helen Schiller who could've cared less about our neighborhood and appeased the riff raff coming in. More homeless and more blight = bigger checks to her bottom line. I wish we could somehow squeeze the violence out.

    I'm tired of people telling me that my neighborhood is 'scary' or 'ghetto' or any other negative terms. I want folks to think of uptown as a rich part of Chicago's history and a place that is welcome to everyone. I'm hoping that with the plans to re-do the Wilson El, (135Million - more than any other renovation ever) we attract business, music and life that is appealing to all. After all that us residents have been through, I think we deserve it. I would be lying if I didn't recognize the positive effects it could have on my property value.

  7. What building is 4639 Broadway? East side of the street?
    This is a store front area. Is it Gigio's?

    Also I wonder why it is so difficult to get any kind of reasonably accurate information on what's going on.

    It's always this way. It shouldn't be.

  8. @Stu. East side. Odd numbers are on the east and south side of streets. Even numbers are on the north and west sides of streets.

  9. OFFICIAL STORY: (police source) Three men were going to be questioned in reference to a situation (crime) in South Bend, Indiana. Upon being approached they they barraciaded themselves in 4639 N Broadway. Two of the three men have been arrested. The third is currently in negotitations with the police to surrend himself.

  10. I was just grilling a steak on my back porch about 25 yards away from the action. Saw the tactical unit go into the building from the alley. Only in Uptown!

    The steak was delicious, by the way.