Monday, December 26, 2011

Emanuel Steps In To Referee The Fighting 47th

Interesting goings on in the 47th Ward, where former Alderman Gene Schulter was battling to remain in place as Democratic Committeeman:

"Also Friday, a brewing fight for Democratic committeeman in the 47th Ward, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel lives, was averted when representatives of the mayor intervened. Former alderman Eugene Schulter dropped his committeeman re-election bid and Paul Rosenfeld, an ally of current Ald. Ameya Pawar, also pulled out.

That leaves Peter Coffey a DePaul University employee who Emanuel supports, as the only candidate.

Thomas Bowen, who runs Emanuel's New Chicago political committee, said Emanuel supporters helped convince the two sides to stand down so the party can concentrate on the challenges ahead.

"We played a behind-the-scenes role to avoid a divisive fight here," Bowen said. "This is the compromise we came up with."
So Gene Schulter, who has reigned in the 47th Ward since 1976 -- 35 years -- will become a private citizen next year.   You may remember he pulled what Ald. Pawar considered to be shenanigans in September.  Seems like the mayor has had enough.


  1. Wonder how much $$$ they were paid off?

  2. Schulter down!

    Rahm is close enough to the 46th Ward that we should redistrict his block into the 46th!

    Speaking of being down Uptown is currently losing in the Curbed Cup to the pencilneck geeks from Hyde Park.

    It is unworthy of a hyperlink.