Monday, December 12, 2011

An Email Blast From Ald. Cappleman: "Friday's Shooting"

"This last Friday, the Uptown neighborhood, in the 46th Ward, had its third multiple shooting in 18 days. We've had a relatively quiet summer, so it's upsetting that we're seeing such an increase in shootings as the cold weather sets in.  Our 23rd District Police Commander Kathy Boehmer has told me that much of the gun violence is related to recently released gang members who were arrested in local drug busts earlier this year. They are now trying to re-establish their drug territory in the neighborhood.

Area detectives are still gathering evidence and have strong leads on the shooters.  As I receive information from Commander Boehmer, I will keep you informed without jeopardizing the police investigation.  Our other efforts to work with the police to address these shootings include:
  • Exploring steps with Commander Boehmer to restrict released gang members and habitual offenders from coming back into our neighborhoods.
  • Working with building managers to stop gang members from hiding in their properties.  I support property managers that remove problem tenants by attending eviction court. If managers do not tighten up screening and management standards, they will face serious repercussions. The building owner at 4639 N. Broadway, where the six-hour standoff a week ago occurred, has not changed their management practices and is currently in drug and gang court.  The next court date is March 8 at 11:00am.  We are working to get this date sooner.  Please contact Dana Fritz if you would like to attend to advocate for your neighborhood by emailing
  • Identifying habitual offenders at our CAPS meetings so that neighbors can be on the lookout when they see them engaged in any type of suspicious activities.  These efforts are already starting to pay off.

I will send a clear message to drug dealers that violence will not be tolerated and we will do everything possible to make it uncomfortable for them to live in this neighborhood if they are going to continue down their destructive path.  In the meantime, I encourage everyone to participate in your area CAPS program. CAPS can be as effective as you make it.  I would be glad to meet with your neighborhood group to discuss more about the efforts we're doing with the police to address crime in your area."


  1. I have a few questions that if anyone can answer with definition, I would appreciate.

    Just how big is the drug trade in terms of dollars and quantity and what drugs specifically are being sold and for how much in Uptown.

    Where if any are the major areas for sale of drugs.

    Is the person who was shot dead on Winthrop a "leader" of a gang? I don't think so. Why exactly was he killed and what was his rank in the gang? Are the leaders of gangs distinguished in any way from the followers in terms of dress, income, car?

    Who is the owner of building at 4639 Broadway. where does HE or SHE live? What country are they from originally. What other buildings do they own?
    What's their income level? What's the rent at that building?

  2. Very powerful statements..
    I feel a bit encouraged Capp

  3. Stu Piddy:

    CIRCUIT COURT CASE #10M1401086
    First Court Date 05-13-2010
    Next Court Date 06-17-2010
    2150 W DEVON
    CHICAGO, IL 60659
    1516 W FARWELL
    CHICAGO, IL 60626

  4. @stu

    drugs being sold in uptown are drugs people go to rehab for. heroin and crack. Weed is being sold but not on the levels that ignite violence. Drugs are being sold within the sec. 8 towers and outside nearby, usually on one way streets so they can spot cops easily.

    as far as why that guy was killed, who knows... only an investigation may bring that answer. Leaders are not identifiable by markings. Cops usually know who they are though from interrogating non-leaders. Leaders tend to have more consistent street income.

    here is the street sales simplified.

    A dealer can buy a gram of heroin for $80, he then cuts it to make $200 worth. In a months time hustling from 6am-10 pm he can sell about 10 grams a day realistically, $10 per bag. profiting him $1200, figure in shorts and gas, cuts it to $1000. He then has to keep body guards around him since he will be targeted by stick up boys, so this cuts his money down to $700/day. He will be highly visible to the police and neighborhood so he will be changing his car up every 3 months. This cuts into money. then remember that all his friends and family are poor too. so as you might have 700 to spend on yourself. He's paying the way of everyone around him. Still he will most likely be identified by a 20 year old driving a range rover with no job, or gaudy jewelry around his neck. Heroin dealers don't last long, as they are on front street 24/7 they get arrested fast or get robbed fast. but this fast money for a short time means a lot of purchasing of weapons that stay long after the dealer is gone.

    Crack has similar profits but it carries less time when arrested and there is 10X more competition. so a crack dealer may only make $100-$200 a day.

    The dealers i describe above are not your typical gang banger. They are usually schooled by an older gang member, likely his supplier. their might be 2 or 3 heroin dealers in the entire gang for that region but probably 10 decent crack dealers and 30 half assed crack dealers per set. The rest of the gang bangers are the "followers" that get in the way of bullets and get arrested quick for not thinking things through

  5. Thanks CVL....

    Are people seriously targeted to be shot, or is it more random, spur of the moment, when one gang member sees another whose not part of the gang.

    My impression is that it may be both, but more often, more random. If leaders are targeted, I imagine it's a little more difficult to shoot them for a number of reasons.

    I suspect that gang members seeking "revenge" or whatever....shoot anybody whose a known member of a rival gang, not a specific person, except on occassion. That requires time and discipline and these shooting are not discipline, thought out shootings, it seems to me.

    My question is? Who is actually being shot? and who is shooting?

  6. The daily drug deals I watch going on under the Wilson red line is painfully predictable. To CPD credit I do see them around but I don't understand why violence that is in such a consolidated area-pretty much 5 blocks of Wilson-can't be controlled.

    As for the drug long as the shelters remain in Uptown, there will be a demand for narcotics. Homeless often suffer from mental illness, and with mental illness comes poly-substance abuse. Remove the demand and the suppliers will look for more profitable turf.

    I wonder what the worth of my condo is these days....

  7. EK:

    "As for the drug long as the shelters remain in Uptown, there will be a demand for narcotics." Are you serious?
    Your claim that the homeless population in Uptown is the major consumer of illicit drugs is laughable at best. Individuals who sell illicit drugs generally pursue those who have much deeper pockets (I.E. Individuals who are not homeless).

    The policies of our failed drug war have clearly caused this rise of gang violence throughout the country. We are traveling down the same tragic road as those who lived during the days of alcohol prohibition. Will we ever learn?

    "Homeless often suffer from mental illness, and with mental illness comes poly-substance abuse."
    The truth: Most individuals in society who have never experienced homelessness have suffered from mental health issues at one time or another.
    I wonder what is the worth of EK's diploma...