Friday, November 4, 2011

Woman Found Murdered In Garage

Photo from the Tribune.
You can read the story here.
A sad story from the Andersonville section of Uptown. Maria Santiago, age 54, of 5039 N Clark (between Winnemac and Carmen), was found murdered in her garage on Thursday morning.  Her body had been set on fire, presumably to cover up the evidence.  Neighbors saw smoke and called 911.  We hope her murder is solved soon and our thoughts are with those who loved her.


  1. Pretty sad. Anyone that goes through that much trouble to get rid of a body usually has ties to drugs. Far too much gang shootings and murder is always associated with drugs.

  2. @ wiseguy
    "...usually has ties to drugs."?
    " always associated with drugs."?

    Dude, chill out. You obviously know nothing about this case, so STOP with your wild assertions and innuendos.

    Fire is used to destroy evidence. When a body is burned, most likely it is an attempt to destroy DNA evidence. Enough said.

    From Chicago Breaking News:
    "Maria Santiago, 54, died from multiple blunt force trauma and strangulation in a homicide, the Cook County medical examiner’s office determined following an autopsy today."

  3. Cone of silence: Illegal aliens and drugs all add up to crime in one way or another. Read the newspapers bro and look around you. With both these factors taken out of the neighborhoods around here, it surely be a more safer and healthy place to live.

  4. Wiseguy, Cone of Silence is a Chicago Police Officer. He probably knows a thing or two about crime and drugs in Uptown.

  5. I know this house, or the ones near it. I used to live at the corner at Winnemac across from T's.

    Everyone in the block was nice and respectful but this one house. They'd get drunk and have loud conversations at 3 or 4 am. They were the main reason I left.

    They're renting from a slumlord. Who needs to evict them, yesterday. The building is probably near condemnation status, anyway.

    Very sad for this woman. It sounds like she tried to make peace with these folks and paid for it with her life.