Friday, November 4, 2011

Uptown Aldermen Sign "Open Letter" To Rahm About Budget Cuts

28 aldermen, including James Cappleman (46th Ward) and Harry Osterman (48th Ward), signed an open letter to the Mayor this week asking for him to reconsider budget cuts regarding quality-of-life issues, such as graffiti removal, library hours, mental health centers, 911 center personnel, vehicle sticker costs, and more.

The letter was the idea of another freshman alderman, Nicholas Sposato.  The aldermen from the wards south and north of Uptown also signed (Tom Tunney and Joe Moore, respectively), but not Uptown's third alderman, Ameya Pawar (47th Ward).

You can read the letter and see the signatories here.  Interestingly, it takes 28 aldermen to approve a city budget.

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  1. appreciate the letter from the alderman. don't agree with all points, but a MAJOR point i disagree with the fact it is not addressed is the condo rebate for refuse removal. everyone in the city pays for detached and small condo buildings to have their refuse removed. the city does not pick up refuse for larger buildings (the cutoff is 3 units). historically these larger buildings received a rebate from the city for the fact they had to hire private waste removal. however, this is being cut. so, if you live in say a 6 unit condo building like me, the city doesn't pick up your trash and you pay $150-200/month for private refuse removal, but you are paying for the single unit / detached housing (possibly a mansion... e.g hazel, hutchinson) to have their refuse removed. admittedly the refuse rebate isn't huge ($75/unit/year), but it was something. cutting this from the budget is totally unfair. if this does happen, there should at least be a revenue generating offset charging smaller buildings for refuse removal. this is seriously irritating.