Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two Teens Hurt In Uptown Drive-By Shooting

via Chicago Tribune
Two teenagers suffered minor gunshot wounds in an apparent drive-by shooting Tuesday night at a busy intersection in the Uptown neighborhood, police said.

The boys, ages 15 and 17, were standing on the street near the intersection of Sheridan Road and Wilson Avenue at about 9:30 p.m. when someone inside a dark-colored sport-utility vehicle opened fire, according to police, citing early reports.

The 15-year-old was struck in the leg, while the older teen was hit in the buttocks, said Officer Ron Gaines, a police spokesman.

Both teens were taken to a nearby hospital, where they were listed in good condition as of this morning, Gaines said.

Police hadn't made any arrests in the shooting.

Update: See the Sun-Times coverage here


  1. I see the Shiller folk are bombing the Facebook page with "What is out Alderman doing about this" posts, so I thought I would come here for some sanity. But I will say this...

    James, please stop having Illegitimate children. They are running all over Uptown, shooting, dealing, and painting graffiti.

    James, please tear down all the public housing that you built in your first 9 months in office. How did you get all these buildings up so fast? Brick by brick you built these buildings. I shook your hand, those are brick layer hands if I have ever seen.

    James, stop with the "thug" life style. Lead by example. Stop sagging your pants! Wear a suit, tuck in your shirt, look the part so someday someone may hire you for a job.

    James, stop drinking and doing drugs under the Wilson stop. SOME PEOPLE just worked real hard to get funding to revamp the station. You are ruining it for all of us!

    James, stop hooting and hollering outside of Truman college during the day. Go in, take a class!

    James, James, James.

  2. ah, the good ol' wilson and sheridan corner.. maybe a shooting range (so that they can actually learn how to shoot right) would be a good tenant for the space under the L?

  3. Why don't we give them shooting lessons - that way they won't miss and hit innocent people. If their aim is improved, it will likely diminish the gang population which is what we have been trying to do unsuccessfully through Ghandi tactics.

  4. The area between Montrose and Wilson, on Sherdian, has got to be the most ghetto looking streets in Uptown. Plenty of gang bangers can be seen hanging out and I hope they put up more cameras to move them out.

  5. Yes, there never were problems when Schiller was in office was there? Give me a break! How often did she meet with police? I know for a fact how often Jim meets with police about the violence and that is once a week! if you do not like the violence in Uptown then stop the bitching and go to a meeting! Why dont you do the positive loitering? How about calling police when you see something you dont like? Lots of ways to change the neighborhood folks. You might have to actually, and dont take this the wrong way, get involved......I know its shocking. People might have to actually dial a phone or stand on a corner with their neighbor.

    For gods sake, Jim has been in office only 9 months! The changes that have taken place in that time has been amazing, more than what Schiller brought to our neighborhood in her embarrassment tenure in Uptown. I as a rule hate all politicians. Period, but at least were moving in a positive way this time around.

  6. Wiseguy
    There is a Chicago Police Dept. Pod
    camera at Wilson and Sheridan, #929.
    The investigating officers asked for
    camera footage and were informed it was not available, only by paper
    form request..
    So putting up more
    cameras to move them out will do what? Nothing, if officers can not
    access footage to aid investigations.

  7. Anybody else notice how these shootings lately have involved hitting somebody in the buttocks? It kinda makes you wonder whether that's because the butt may be the biggest target for lousy shots or that these disgusting shootings are meant to send some kind of pissy message.

  8. Kronoie babee,

    it's extremely difficult to fire a handgun with any accuracy beyond a distance of about 50 feet. Relatively few people can do it well.

    Couple that with firing from a van, possibly moving, and at a target that may be moving and hitting anything on the intended target is pure unholy luck.

    It ain't as easy as it seems on the tee vee.

    By the way I'd rather take a gunshot wound to my butt ox than to the chest or other extremity. Sure it might be painful to sit for awhile, but it beats bleeding to death or losing a leg.

  9. I think the GBD's fire low, purposefully, as a warning/statement.

    The buttocks shots are probably a result of the victim (rightfully so) turning his/her ass around and running for his/her life.

    The charges for "simply" shooting someone are considerably less (especially in catch and release Cook County) than firing a fatal shot.

    In my opinion, "shooting to wound" is gutless; but, that's what GBD's are: gutless.

    Well, I take that back ... they are pretty strong, virulent manly-men when they're firing blindly into crowds and injuring mothers and their children.

    But hey, let's give them a break, shall we? It is, after all, much much easier to fire a weapon than it is to say .. do math, hold a job, pull your pants up, etc.

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  11. I moved here in '91 I think?

    Bottom line, there's been more:
    -garage bike thefts
    -car 'smash-and-grabs'
    -pizza delivery robberies (see prior UU posts)

    Bottom line? I love it here. And I won't be swayed by these mindless gun toting idiots.
    Helen? Hideous.
    James? A ray of hope.

  12. Mindy choose from one of the somewhat familiar answers below:

    A. Move to Lincoln Park

    B. This ain't your college town, sweetie.

    C. That isn't my issue

    D. All of the above.

    Mindy, I don't mind a little BS now and then, but suggesting Shiller worked well with the po po is BULLSHIT. I know you worked for her, but PLEASE.

    Now I can recall Uptown in the 70's. Hell, I even remember electrified CTA buses and a time when Truman college didn't exist.
    Pick up a copy of the movie "Medium Cool" from 1968 to see what that location looked like pre-Truman. Or ask Shiller. She tried to stop the college from being built.

    The number of shootings and violence now is teeny compared to what this neighborhood was like in the 70's through at least the early 90's.

    In the time since we've also had numerous flare ups of gang violence between the various malcontents and scalawags who belong to area gangs.

    I think it was 1994 when the po po killed two area youth association members who were firing guns within a matter of days. Hell, one idiot was firing at the police from a rooftop around Sheridan and Agatite. A fire department chopper was used to spot the little turd.

    I'm glad you hope the police catch the youthful miscreants and that their families are forced to move. That statement may mean your beret and framed Che poster will be confiscated by your now former Shillerista colleagues.

    It's amazing how having a "close call" can open ones eyes to the problems around them.

    It reminds me of something I said to a former military colleague who was all excited about going to Iraq in 1991. This is an exact quote, "It's different when you see the body bags".

    You pictured yourself in a body bag and suddenly you sound like an evil condo owner.

    Quick say this 100 times quickly:

    "It's Uptown, not Yuptown".

    Now Mindy I leave you with this.

    The first song I found with the name "Mindy" in the title.

    I'm glad you're around to hear it.

    By the way there is a Flemish children's show superheroine called Mega Mindy. Who knew?

  13. Off point, but since we are talking about James, I finally found out why he voted against confirming the legislative IG. I found his position well reasoned, and legitimate. So refreshing.

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!!

  14. The reason so many are shot in buttocks , back and legs is that they are shooting to maim . The goal is to put them in a wheelchair instead of killing them.

  15. I'm surprised the security guard at the McDonalds didn't chase the offenders. He does a wonderful job with all vagrants that loiter in & around that McDonalds. I believe he carries a gun also.

  16. Thanks IP for the Mega Mindy info. Too funny. I hate that All American Rejects song though.